The Hash premiers new music video for hit song ‘Conflicted’
video courtesy of The Hash used with permission

The Hash, made famous for his series of popular instructional guitar videos, released the official video for his hit song “Conflicted” today. Guitar aficionados finally get the opportunity to see The Hash working his guitar magic in the new music video which features The Hash singing in addition to playing guitar.

The Hash is one of the best modern-day examples of fan-made success. His guitar tutorials led to people sharing the original song, which in turn made it go viral. The release of the music video for “Conflicted” has become a highly anticipated event, according to fans of The Hash’s Facebook page here.

Without radio, label, promotion, “Conflicted” built up an organic and diverse audience, taking on a life of its own. While The Hash lives and records videos in the United States, the songs spread like wildfire across the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

“The Instruments I use in the song are diverse and conflicted,” says The Hash of the new music video. “I used Western traditional rock instruments but also ethnic ones such as the sitar, dholki and bansuri, which are all Southeast Asian.”

Despite his strong following in the Middle East, The Hash’s strongest fan base lies within the guitar community. People who live conflicted lives can truly identify with the song. You can watch The Hash’s music video for “Conflicted” on this page or on his YouTube page here. For more information on The Hash, visit his official website here.