The #GoVote campaign uses entertainers to inspire action

Everyone knows that voting is an important civic duty that every adult should partake in, but younger generations sometimes need additional motivation to get out to the polls. is catering to the young and cool, like others have, with a new campaign using the influence and voices of over 300 entertainers. Using social media as the platform, these musicians, comedians, actors and more will be pushing people to get out and vote.

Recognizing the drop off on Midterm Election voting rates, has organized these entertainers and their fans to use the hashtag #GoVote alongside their image to encourage and remind citizens to cast their vote even though it’s not a Presidential race. Some of the names in hip-hop that have been participating include, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Russell Simmons, T.I., Lil Mo, GRiZ Krayzie Bone, and the girls of Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. Other celebrities include, Sarah Silverman, Stephen Colbert, Weird Al, Conan O’Brien, Chaka Khan and more. All of their pictures are being spread over the Internet in hopes of inspiring action. The photos are being compiled here.

It’s not uncommon to hear discouraged citizens say they won’t be hitting the polls, exasperated by the state of things, but HeadCount’s co-founder, Mark Brownstein knows that’s not the answer, “We're trying to get the message across that being dissatisfied is a bad reason not to vote – it's the exact reason why participation is so important."

The last push to prompt voting in the 2014 Election comes after HeadCount’s successful registration push, where they set up booths at 705 live music events across the nation. Their drives prompted the registration of over 25,000 voters, and now to get everyone to the polls.

Regardless of your party affiliation (or lack thereof) it’s very important to make your voice heard each year. is doing their part to remind you that this year is just as important as any other.