The first Global Festival Television Network is launching soon

UG Strategies, a creative entertainment marketing and experiential agency, has announced the upcoming launch of the world’s first digital television network, Uphoric. Uphoric is dedicated to the global music festival circuit and will provide viewers with an exclusive look into the festival world.

The agency, UG Strategies, has worked closely with festivals around the world for over a decade. Throughout the journey of working with music festivals, the fans demands were clear- provide them with a platform where they can experience festivals and endless content that comes from them, at any moment.

Uphoric is expected to explore all aspects within the festivals and provide exclusive content created by the festival professionals who convey the events. Programming will include all music-related topics such as the artists and music content, behind-the-scenes footage, live concert streaming, and will also feature industry documentaries, insider interviews, reality TV and much more.

Although the majority of Uphoric will be about content captured at music festivals, it is not the only experience they will provide. The network will also cover key film, food, fashion and other lifestyle aspects that surround the events. They are also developing original shows such as Artist Access, On The Road, and Industry Profile. These shows will showcase festival talent, insider’s look of festival touring life and the careers of festival promoters, music producers, costume designers, agents, publicists, etc.

Uphoric will first launch via online and mobile destinations. The network will also distribute content through international third-party cable and multi-channel networks. Visit for more information on the new digital network that will bring the global festival experience to you.