The best bars on Orlando's Orange Avenue
Youtube/The Daily City

Nightlife in Orlando has certainly come a long way from where it was just a decade ago. Now there is an array of neighborhoods in the city beyond where nighthawks can go and enjoy the nice, warm Central Florida night.

Although there are more nightlife districts in the area, Orlando’s main concentration of bars and clubs continues to be Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando. Below follows the best bars where you can sit and have a drink with friends on the city's party strip.

The Woods

49 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Sitting right across the street from the booming Beacham nightclub, The Woods is a small establishment that captures the essence of a log cabin bar. Not only is the atmosphere cool here, but this is the bar where you can go and enjoy a great craft beer. Life just got better in the wilderness.

Downtown Pour House

20 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

The Downtown Pour House is the epicenter for bars seekers on the Orange Avenue strip, as this place has some of the best drink specials in downtown Orlando. In addition to their full bar, the Pour House also has some great American fare such as boneless hot wings and a Black ‘n Tan Burger that will go great with any beer.

Independent Bar

70 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

The Independent Bar is a mix of a dance club, dive bar, and retro club, and somehow the Independent marries those three ingredients beautifully. The dance floor is very cool, but the bar is where it’s at as the bartenders are knowledgeable and great and the prices are the same as a dive. The Independent is an establishment that plays by its own rules.


39 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 3801

Finnhenry’s is a neighborhood bar in the middle of Orlando’s epicenter for nightlife, and although the area around them has changed, the bar has not, and that’s an awesome thing. The drinks are strong, the clientele is hot, and the bartenders are awesome. If you want a great night downtown at a down-to-earth establishment, Finnhenry’s is your place.