The #3hree Project unmasked after a year of mystery
Fa'al Ali - Eazy Media

Over the last year the hashtag #3hree has been thrown around liberally in Colorado, specifically by those involved in a very secretive, extremely exclusive project loosely coined The #3hree Project. In an attempt to keep the project a secret, beyond the hashtag and some occasionally pictures, very little was known about the surrounding mission, especially by the media.

This unique, albeit captivating promotional technique was finally lifted recently with the formal announcements of the project. A few weeks ago the media was clued in on what #3hree means in an invitation only listening party, which took place at KMG Studios in Englewood. The lifestyle studio is a major part of the project, and they were eager to host the event. Though we can’t share any spoilers, what was heard there that night was nothing short of invigorating. The project's first single is due to drop on Dec. 3 with the full release to come on Dec. 23 and boasts the talents of many industry facets from vocalists, writers, lyricists, producers, videographers and more. The shroud of mystery was lifted on Thanksgiving Day with the release of the “WE ARE #3HREE DOCUMENTARY.”

The documentary was filmed and edited by Fa’al Ali for Eazy Media explains exactly what the mission behind #3hree is, who’s involved and what’s to come. The full list of #3hree members is Nat Soundz, Dax Oliver, Lil Bad, Buggz, Devan Blake Jones, Fo Chief, Will Guice, The Famm Crew, Leona Harper, J. Carey, Trev Rich, F.L., L. Keys, BLKHRTS, SP Double, Ray Reed, Pries, Esi Juey, Namm, The Reminders, Mr. Midas, AP and Young Doe. The executive producers, or men (and women) with the plans, are Francois Baptiste, Greg Kimble, Mic Coats, and Courtney Alston. The writing was done by Ru Johnson and the music production was handled by Akil, Mic Coats and Space Suit Junkies as well as a list of co-producers.

The main takeaway that can’t be emphasized enough is that #3hree was started as an answer to the cries for “unity” that have been heard around Colorado’s often separated hip-hop community. This well put together documentary answers many questions, poses others and serves as a enticing teaser of what is to come, and as their tagline suggests, “#3hree + #kmglife = coming to an eardrum near you.”

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Edited to amend project release date to December 23rd.