The 10 best Beck songs

Composing a list of Beck’s top ten songs is not an easy task. The singer-songwriter has been active in the alternative rock scene for nearly twenty-five years. After beginning his career as a recording artist in the early 90s, he has released twelve studio albums and forty singles. The list below is comprised of ten the best songs in his extensive discography.

“The Golden Age”

“Put your hands on the wheel/Let the golden age begin,” Beck sings on “The Golden Age.” The song is the first track on Beck’s 2002 album, Sea Change.

"Lost Cause"

“Lost Cause” is the fifth song from Beck’s 2002 album, Sea Change. Beck made two music videos to go along with the song; one produced using Adobe Photoshop and one featuring the song being played by the band. “Lost Cause” has since been covered by Chiara Angelicola and Ellen Page.

“Pay No Mind (Snoozer)”

“Pay No Mind (Snoozer)” is the second single from Beck’s first major label album, Mellow Gold. Released in April of 1994, the song is considered one Beck’s fan favorites and is still played during many of his live shows. The song was covered by Sonic Youth in 2009 for their album, The Eternal.

“Nobody’s Fault But My Own”

Released on April 21, 1999, “Nobody’s Fault by My Own” is a single from Beck’s sixth studio album, Mutations. The song was covered by Marianne Faithful for the album Beck produced album, Kissin Time.


“Girl” was released on July 4, 2005. The song was the second single from Beck’s ninth studio album, Guero. The song might be best known for its music video, which references MAD Magazine.

“Guess I’m Doing Fine”

Released in 2002, “Guess I’m Doing Fine” is the third song from Sea Change. The song was generally praised by critics, with many considering it the best song on the album. Spike Jonez directed in the music video, which features Beck walking around the streets with a guitar.

"Go it Alone”

“Go it Alone” is the tenth track from the 2005 album, Guero. The song was co-written by Jack White of The White Stripes, who also plays bass on the track.


Often considered the song that put Beck on the map, “Loser was first released on March 8, 1993 and re-released on February 4, 1994. The song peaked at number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 and placed in the top ten in seven countries.


“Debra” was released on November 15, 1999 on Beck’s seventh studio album, Midnite Vultures. The last song on the album, “Debra” is one of the group’s better known songs and has earned a bit of a cult following.

“Where it’s At”

After first premiering at Lollapalooza in 1995, “Where it’s At” was officially released on July 11, 1996. The song was the first single from Beck’s fifth studio album, Odelay. “Where It’s At” peaked at number sixty-one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number five on the US Modern Rock Tracks Chart.