Ten best Kaskade tracks to prepare for The Spark Run

If you're gearing up for The Spark Run in Denver on Friday night, you're undoubtedly excited to get out and hit the pavement. In anticipation for Kaskade's performance at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, all attendees should not only prepare their bodies for the exercise, but also their ears for Kaskade's musical arsenal. These 10 top Kaskade tracks will keep your motivation and energy high while preparing for this landmark event.

“Lessons In Love”

This house track was released on Kaskade's album “Fire and Ice” and features Neon Trees. The steady rhythm of the mellow song is perfect for starting your workout, easing up your energy as you find your internal beat and stride.

“Move for Me”

This high energy track features Deadmau5 and first appeared on Kaskade's 2008 release, "Strobelite Seduction." Haley Gibby's pleasant soprano over the production techniques of two world renowned DJs garnered it the No 1. spot on Billboard's dance charts. Whether you're on the treadmill, out treading the neighborhood or simply having a dance party in your living room, “Move for Me” is a must for any exercise playlist.

“Turn It Down”

As you're nearing the midway point of your workout you may start to feel fatigued. The perfect pick me up is a track that is high energy and engaging. “Turn It Down,” featuring Rebecca & Fiona, is both of those things, but also has several unexpected drops that reinvigorate the listener, evoking goosebumps and a much needed second wind.

“Call Out”

The 2011 release “Call Out” with Mindy Gledhill on the vocals has an uneven beat structure that will get shoulders, butts and heads moving as you're exercising. The interesting arrangement with many ups and downs will keep your ears guessing and body moving.


Revisiting Midy Glendhill's soothing vocals in Kaskade's “Eyes” is made for the runner. The consistent start transitions into full blown energy and will build stamina throughout the track and workout.

“I Like The Way”

Many remember this song as it was featured on the “Sex And The City” soundtrack. Perfect for the latter part of an exercise routine, it' steady rhythm, jazz bells and ambiance-like accents will keep you moving and grooving.


The title track from Kaskade's 2013 release, “Atmosphere,” is a high energy way to hit your peak, whether dancing, running, conquering the elliptical or simply vibing out at home. One of Kaskade's most famed tracks features ups and downs with no lulls, just simply electronic joy.

“Room for Happiness”

True to Kaskade's typical energetic and positive production construction, “Room for Happiness” off the “Fire and Ice” project is true to the formula. Featuring Skylar Grey (well known for collaborations with Eminem), this track is equal parts relaxing and invigorating.

“Last Chance”

Another recent hit, “Last Chance” is a collaboration between Kaskade and Project 46. The beautiful melody, message and beat make for a euphoric way to ease into your cool down. The energy remains high, while the angelic vocals promote relaxation.

“4 AM”

This soothing track is the perfect way to close out a workout, cool down and let go. The cadence is slow, and the voice of singer, Becky Jean Williams will massage your ears, giving you permission to relax.

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