Tampa Bay moms and fans celebrated with Carlos Vives

Tampa celebrated Mother's Day weekend with Carlos Vives in concert this past Sunday at the USF Sun Dome. Although he's accustomed to concerts in Orlando and Miami, Florida, the Colombian artist took a different jump this time around with his first concert in Tampa Bay as this year's performer for Fiesta Maxima 92.5 FM.

Vives is the third Colombian artist that has performed a full concert set in Tampa Bay - Fonseca in 2012 and Juanes in 2013. Vives who is currently one of the most acclaimed Colombian artists as soon as he returned to the U.S. Latin music industry in 2014 his career took off just the same way he had left it in 2006 with hits after hits. He transmits an abundance of love and joy through each song he interprets along with his musicians and back-up singers on and off the stage.

From start to finish, Vives was full of energy as soon as he stepped out on the dome's stage around 7:40 p.m. His late start didn't matter to his fans as they were there to see Vives perform for the first time in their own city. Two hours of non-stop partying to an almost full house. A concert that started with an intro video transmitted via a huge screen of Vives success and accomplishments as an artist just before he became visible to the welcome of applause and screams. He made sure he covered the stage so all could see him before hitting the tune for his first song of the evening "Pa Mayté".

Dressed very casual - blue jeans, a black jacket with an emblem of his native homeland, a t-shirt with a bicycle on it as a promo for his next release song "La Bicicleta" featuring another compatriot Shakira, sneakers and his curly locks held back with a knitted headband - Vives continued on with his past and present hit songs "Fruta Fresca", "Carito", "Bailar Contigo", "Cosas del Amor", "Gota Fria", "La Tierra del Olvido". He even included songs recorded with other artists among them "Cuando Nos Volvamos Encontrar" featuring salsa artist Marc Anthony, "Nota de Amor" featuring urban artist Wisin and Daddy Yankee and "El Mar de Sus Ojos" featuring Choquibtown. The latter were introduced by Vives shown via the dome's screen which to everyone's surprise the group appeared on stage to perform with Vives live and then returned for the finale with Carlos Vives.

The vallenato artist was grateful for the international support he's received not only of his fellow Colombian fans but also fans from Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico among many others. He stated how much he loved Puerto Rico, knew the island very well, it had great artists and has performed at the islands fiestas patronales. It was obvious the countries mentioned were well represented as he gave a shout out to a few with some anecdotes.

Carlos Vives worked the stage from singing, dancing, mingling with his fans to even taking an audience selfie. But the most memorable was for one lucky couple who were engaged during his interpretation of "'Volví a Nacer" (a usual act for the song).

If you haven't seen Carlos Vives in concert than I highly recommend you attend at least one concert of his, you will be amazed and I guarantee you will be up dancing too. Check out Carlos Vives additional tour dates here.