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  • The 2017 AACTFest Regionals get underway March 31st in Boise.

    Two South Sound theaters travel to Boise for regional championships March 31-April 1.

    Earlier this month, three South Sound community theater groups competed in the semi-annual Washington State Community Theatre Association one-act show competition. It was a great three nights of live theater. All three local groups, Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma Little Theatre and Changing Scene...
  • Geoff Finney as Little Charles, Pete Benson as Bill, Ann Wilkinson Ellis as Barbara, Melissa Fenwick as Ivy, Barbara Deering as Violet, Jenn

    Bainbridge Performing Arts stages powerhouse 'August: Osage County'

    Playwright Tracy Letts has some impressive productions on his resume'. As an actor, he performed admirably in seasons one and two of "Homeland." He wrote "Killer Joe." and adapted it later into a memorable movie vehicle for Matthew McConaguhey. It is "August: Osage County," though, of which Mr...
  • "The Crossing" continues at the Jewel Box through April 9.

    Jewel Box Theatre takes on ambitious 'The Crossing'

    Poulsbo's Jewel Box Theatre is a gem of a facility. The inside is clean and well-lit with air that smells fresh. Patrons sit in the most comfortable chairs to be found in any theater within a 50-mile radius. At intermission, the audience is invited to partake of tasty refreshments, free of charge...
  • "Spamalot" continues through  April 9.

    Tacoma Musical Playhouse stages rollicking 'Spamalot'

    Millennials have a lot of advantages that their Baby Boomer parents didn't. Boomers grew up thinking "apps" were something to eat before the salad course. Boomers had to know how to read paper maps. The more talented ones knew how to fold them so they didn't look like ostrich origami. That's all...
  • Lakewood Playhouse (used by permission of Lakewood Playhouse)

    Lakewood Playhouse releases remaining shows for 79th season

    The staff and management of Lakewood Playhouse believe delayed gratification is the best gratification of all. After releasing the names of the first three shows of their 2017/18 season a few weeks ago, Managing Artistic Director John Munn released the rest of the season Tuesday afternoon. It looks...
  • Cassie Jo Fastabend as Gypsy

    Tacoma Little Theatre's 'Gypsy' a pure delight

    The story of Gypsy Rose Lee is an interesting study of a mother driven, and a daughter who made her way because of, and in spite of, Mom. In the Broadway version, Ethel Merman embodied Mama Rose. In the film version, Rosalind Russell took on the role and won the 1963 Golden Globe for Best Actress...
  • West Side Story continues through April 1.

    Paradise Theatre's 'West Side Story' a timely, solid effort

    Paradise Theatre's productions are always much-anticipated. The little Gig Harbor production house has put forth some memorable shows in the last couple of years. "Next to Normal" was a critical smash hit! "Fiddler on the Roof" was critically praise-worthy, as well. This weekend Paradise opened...
  • "The Crossing" opens March 17 at the Jewel Box in Poulsbo.

    Poulsbo's Jewel Box Theatre joins South Sound family with 'The Crossing' opening March 17

    The lovely and picturesque town of Poulsbo, Wash. has it all. History, charm, personality and beauty adorn this place that 9,509 people call home. It is a thriving city, proud of its Scandinavian heritage and anxious to share both that heritage and the city's sense of fun and whimsy with visitors...
  • The curtain comes down Saturday night on Kaleidoscope 2017.

    Second night of WSCTA Kaleidoscope 2017 features vast array of experiences at Tacoma Musical Playhouse

    On Friday, the second night of the Kaleidoscope 2017 theater festival,  Washington State Community Theatre Association took the audience through an enormous array of emotions. The assemblage at Tacoma Musical Playhouse saw a well-performed "Snap Judgements" from the young performers that make up...
  • Kaleidoscope 2017 continues through Saturday.

    Night one of WSCTA and Tacoma Musical Playhouse's 'Kaleidoscope' fun and educational

    The Washington State Community Theatre Association holds a bi-annual festival of one-act plays. It is known as "Kaleidoscope." This year, Tacoma Musical Playhouse gets the honor of hosting the festival, and Thursday night was Opening Night. It was an evening both entertaining and educational. Nights...
  • Lakewood Playhouse (used by permission of Lakewood Playhouse)

    Lakewood Playhouse releases first wave of 2017/18 shows

    Freshly unencumbered from debt, Lakewood Playhouse is capitalizing on the momentum by releasing information on the shows of the 2017/18 season. The first wave of announcements came out Tuesday morning. The identity of the rest of the 2017/18 slate will be announced over the next couple of weeks...
  • John Munn

    Lakewood Playhouse announces plans, retires debt during Sunday night's gala for the ages

    Warren Beatty was given the wrong envelope, the wrong cast took the stage and the wrong speeches were made. That was Oscar night in Hollywood. But, in the South Puget Sound city of Lakewood, the news coming Sunday night from the arts community was every bit as dramatic. In a gala that included...
  • Kaleidoscope 2017, March 2-4 at Tacoma Musical Playhouse

    Tacoma Musical Playhouse hosts 'Kaleidoscope' theater festival March 2-4

    What happens when seven community theaters come together in one place to perform short pieces? What happens when these seven companies are given ten minutes to put the show on the stage and ten minutes to tear it down afterward? What happens when strict adjudicators tighten their pince-nez and give...
  • "Love: You've Got to Be Kidding" continues through Feb. 25 at The Spire in Tacoma.

    'Love: You've Got to Be Kidding' a fun romp from Changing Scene

    The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest delayed its opening of "Love: You've Got to be Kidding," by seven days because of the bitterly cold weather in the South Sound last weekend. That pushed the local 2017 debut of the John C. Davenport work beyond Valentine's Day to this past weekend. While a shame...
  • BLAKE R. YORK (Father Flynn) from the Lakewood Playhouse Production of "DOUBT: A Parable."

    Lakewood Playhouse's 'Doubt' an engrossing evening at the theater

    The beauty of theater in the South Sound is in the scope of shows offered. Rollicking musicals like "The Buddy Holly Story" at Tacoma Musical Playhouse are followed by classics such as "Mary Poppins," at Bainbridge Performing Arts. "The Lion King" may precede "Picasso at the Lapin Agile." It's a...
  • Left to right, Myriah Riedel as Heidi, Garrett Dill as Jeff, Jasmine Joshua as Susan, Adam Minton as Hunter

    Bainbridge Performing Arts stages entertaining [title of SHOW]

    The good people who run and contribute to Bainbridge Performing Arts are a talented lot, and the anticipation of the audience leading up to a BPA show is palpable. Most of the shows on the Island are epic productions, with dozens of actors on sets unmatched anywhere in the South Sound. The current...
  • Matt McClure as Buddy Holly and the ensemble cast of Tacoma Musical Playhouse's "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story."

    Tacoma Musical Playhouse "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" rocks and rolls

    For the second time in just two years, Tacoma Musical Playhouse opened "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story." With mostly the same cast as last time out, the bar for excellence was set at its highest point. The show cleared the bar, climaxing in a frenzied dance party that included everyone present. "Buddy...
  • "Wait Until Dark" continues through Feb. 11.

    Paradise Theatre's 'Wait Until Dark' a solid effort

    Gig Harbor's Paradise Theatre opened "Wait Until Dark" this weekend. The little strip mall theater with dreams of greatness always puts forth a solid effort. This production is no exception. Operating with the sustaining support of about 20 families, this is one of the area theaters for whom it is...
  • "Of Mice and men" continues through Feb. 5 at TLT.

    Tacoma Little Theatre's 'Of Mice and Men' a powerhouse

    One wonders if John Steinbeck knew the impact his little book would have. He wrote, "Of Mice and Men" in 1937. It's 187-page depiction of the Depression-era Salinas Valley and the men who worked there was to become a classic. It's a classic the way "The Wizard of Oz," and "It's a Wonderful Life" are...
  • (L to R) WINNIE BEAN (Columbia), BRANDON "BUNNIE" EHRENHEIM (Frank), TONY WILLIAMS (Rocky), JENNA McRILL (Janet) and the Ensemble from the L

    Lakewood Playhouse produces out-of-control 'Rocky Horror'

    When Lakewood Playhouse announced the 2016/17 season would include "The Rocky Horror Show," it guaranteed a few things. First, the show would be unlike any other of the 35 or so shows staged in South Sound theaters this year. Second, the show would draw capacity houses made up of die-hard fans of...
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