Sustainability at Bonnaroo

Music festivals are generally rife with landfill, things that can't or won't be recycled and are generally littered across the entire festival grounds. Bonnaroo works with clean vibes to change that with it's high standards that it holds to itself, it's vendors, and all it's festival goers. These standards try to eliminate as much landfill, attempting to use as much recyclable content possible and to compost everything they can and reintroduce it into the land. While some may see this as a hindrance, they feel that it doesn't hurt the experience but defines it and improves it.


A solution to the general red plastic cups you see scattered across every festival is a stainless steel pint cup you can purchase for $15 and continuously refill with beer throughout the festival. Each refill comes $1 cheaper and your original purchase comes filled with beer, so if you plan on drinking beer regularly throughout the event it will likely pay for itself. If beer isn't your thing there is a stainless steel water bottle for only $5 that boasts free refills of water for your entire stay.

Giving Back

It's not just all about reducing waste, Bonaroo is also giving out prizes to those that carpool. If you show up with 4 or more people in your vehicle, they will enter you into a drawing for various prizes to help make your stay more enjoyable. Three First place winners get automatic VIP upgrade for each passenger. Three second place winners will get two vendor tokens for each passenger worth a free meal each. Three third place winners get a Bonnaroo merch item for each passenger.

This isn't all new to the event as last year Bonnaroo was able to divert 48% of all waste from landfills and look to increase that number this year with the introduction of their stainless steel pint cup and water bottle. $1 from every ticket also goes toward permanent sustainable site improvements on the Farm. Check out 13 Years of Green to see the steps Bonnaroo has made every year toward sustainability and check out all the details on this years sustainability.