'Sugar Man' Rodriguez to play the City National Grove of Anaheim in May
Woodrow Wilson/YouTube

The myth of Rodriguez is something that only happens in the movies. The singer-songwriter--born Sixto Rodriguez--recorded his debut album Cold Fact in 1969 and released the record in 1970. After the record and its 1971 follow-up Coming from Reality bombed, Rodriguez called it quits on his music career, but his music lived on, not in the U.S. but abroad in South Africa and Australia. Cold Fact became a hot commodity in Australia before it reached South Africa where it became the soundtrack to the anti-Apartheid movement. Years passed until the ‘90s when Rodriguez learned about his fame in South Africa. The singer went on a tour of the nation, and after the release of “Searching for Sugar Man,” the 2012 documentary about the singer, Rodriguez finally received the recognition his groundbreaking work deserved.

Now Rodriguez tours regularly and on Wednesday, May 17, the singer-songwriter will pay a visit to the City National Grove of Anaheim. Tickets are available here and watch his performance on “Letterman” above.