Step into a town frozen in time in God Don't Make The Laws
Green Apple Entertainment

There are tons of movies that come straight to video all the time. These are usually snatched up for rentals based on titles, stars, or just cool box art, but there are some that kind of blend in without really knowing what the film has to offer. The latest God Don’t Make The Laws features Paul Sorvino, but little else in initially that really grabs your attention. Could this film have the story needed to stand out or is it in fact one of the nameless rentals that will be soon forgotten?

God Don’t Make The Laws follows a small town that was forever changed after a tragic accident. When the entire high school basketball team is killed in a bus accident, the town entered into a deal with the devil instantly freezing time forever until a mysterious young man comes to town carrying a basketball and changes everything forever. If you quickly glance over the synopsis of this film it sounds a bit silly, but in reality it actually works pretty well. At first it feels like it may be forcing some kind of religious agenda, but quickly makes sure to let you know while there is a lot of faith based ideas here this film is in no way trying to be anything but an original film. The performances were decent with each person doing their thing to bring this town to life. There are some story elements that don’t make a lot of sense for a bit, but as the story moves forward things start to become clear, but then they lose a bit attempting to leave some to the thoughts of the viewer.

In a time where most of the more successful films being made today are usually remakes or sequels it is nice to see something come along that at least takes a chance to be different. This will not be a film that works for everyone and plays more like a made for TV movie, but has a decent message and story that will work for the whole family.