Spring comedy: Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness brings a little laughter to L.A.
Albert Lam

Each year, Kevin & Bean – two pretty funny guys in their own right – hold a multi-act comedy concert. This year's event takes place April 4, which is actually a few days after April Fool's Day, at the Shrine Auditorium. The lineup is far better than most any night at a local comedy club, even though the Los Angeles comedy scene is jam-packed with a lot of high grade talent. The bill includes: Tenacious D, Gabriel Iglesias, Ralphie May, Jay Mohr, Adam Ray, Iliza Schesinger and Brad Williams. Jonah Ray was originally announced as part of the bill, but has since been replaced by Mohr, who is a regular guest on Kevin & Bean's KROQ morning show.

Not only will Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness event be filled with laughter, but proceeds from the show will also be donated to Fisher House and Cedars-Sinai NICU. Fisher House is known for the help it gives military and veterans' families. Primarily, this involves housing where these family members can stay at no cost while their loved ones are receiving treatment. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai, a nonprofit hospital, was created to meet the needs of critically ill babies, premature newborns or infants requiring close observation. In other words, both these organizations are worthy causes to support.

Tenacious D is, of course, the faux rock band led by actor Jack Black. Black did not just star in School of Rock because it was a wonderful movie role; Black also dearly loves his hard rock & roll. In fact, he loves a lot of music. However, his Tenacious D songs make fun of the rock music obsession with silly lyrics. Even so, one can still see that he's joking about something near and dear to his heart. Comedians just aren't very good at being serious most times.

Jay Mohr is an actor and comedian, but he's also a big sports fan. In fact, he hosts a regular sports talk radio show in Los Angeles. He is known for his biting wit and spot-in impressions. He should be right in his element on this particular bill.

Going to a comedy show is far better than playing practical jokes on your little brother or making prank phone calls. Why not laugh at true professionals, rather than endangering your friends and relatives? You'll leave in a good mood and your money goes to a good cause. And nobody gets hurt. That's a win-win, all the way around.

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