Singer Celine Dion in concert: 'Taking Chances' in her live performances

Canadian singer Celine Dion brings much more to her live performances than solely what one hears on her albums. Exciting features concert-goers can enjoy from the pop singer who brought them “Taking Chances” include unexpected cover songs and full-piece orchestras.

A classy performer

Celine Dion is a classy performer, bringing elegance to the stage every time. Her gowns are elegant, with several wardrobe changes per show, backup singers who match with her outfits and sophisticated-looking sets. As she sings – belting out her legendary ballads, including “Because You Loved Me” – the passion she feels for the lyrics is clear on her face. Her hair gets swept-back by a fan during some shows, as well.

Two languages

An exciting part of seeing Celine Dion live in concert is watching her effortlessly move from English to French, for her slow-rock and love songs. While French is her first language, she speaks and sings English so well that many people mistake her first language as being English. Her first song, recorded at age 12, was “Ce N’etait Qu’un Reve” (It Was Only a Dream), and she still performs the song sometimes in concert.

Large shows

Celine Dion is used to performing in large venues, with several years singing on The Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, which holds 4,296 seats. The theatre was built just for her, for her “A New Day” residency show. In the five-year show, there was a mix of song, performance art and new technology.

After leaving the Vegas showroom, she went on a “Taking Chances” World Tour across 25 countries. And, five years after leaving, she returned to The Colosseum for a new residency show, titled “Celine.” This time around, a 31-person orchestra joined her for each performance. The live sound paired wonderfully with the singer’s tender voice.

Hit songs and unique covers

During Celine Dion’s concerts, fans hear her biggest pop songs, including the “Titanic” theme song, “I'm Alive” and “Because You Loved Me.” As most of her songs are slow rather than upbeat, the Canadian singer also includes many cover songs that have a fast tempo. A prime example is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” originally sung by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.

Some of the artists she covers live are quite unexpected. Examples are Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Joel. Not all cover songs are on her pop albums, providing attendees of her live shows a little something extra as thanks for being there.

As well, Celine Dion talks between songs to her fans, creating an intimate experience, even in the many large theaters she plays in. Her ease of movement as she covers the whole stage during performances portrays a confidence earned by selling hundreds of millions of records worldwide.

With five Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards under her belt for her songs, Celine Dion knows how to perform. Flawless singing in English and French, large bands and genuine emotion make this singer a must-see in concert.