Silverchair's first commitment is to the creative spark

This year, Silverchair is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their first album release—and they’re doing it with the style and flair for which the band is known. Originally formed in 1992 as Innocent Criminals, Silverchair started out with the lineup of Ben Gillies (drums), Chris Joannou (bass), and Daniel Johns (guitar, vocals). Twenty years later, that lineup hasn’t changed. The band has taken its breaks. From 2011 on, they’re on “indefinite hiatus” because the band is committed to producing the spark and creativity for which they are known, and they won’t produce less than quality work. Silverchair members Gillies, Joannou, and Johns are currently “doing their own thing” because that is where their creativity is flowing, and they’re doing it beautifully and with great success.

Silverchair was generally classified as an alternative rock/post-grunge band, but as the band has matured, they’ve been willing to expand their genre lines. Throughout the course of their career, they, like many other musicians, used their music as a sort of therapy (after all, it’s cheaper than medication!). Much of their music is about their own problems and their own issues—a step which caused their music to take off. The first two albums imitated some of what was already out there, but once they got their feet under them, Silverchair set out to do something new and innovative—and that’s exactly what they did. The band has allowed its sound to develop and mature throughout the course of its career, building on the old sound and taking entirely new directions when necessary to keep the creative juices flowing freely. They play music because they love it, because it’s fun—and that’s evident in each song that Silverchair produces.

Silverchair’s albums include Frogstomp (1995), Freak Show (1997), Neon Ballroom (1999), Diorama (2002), and Young Modern (2007). The space between album releases—and the lack of a release in the band’s later years together—proves their commitment to their sound and to their fans. They could have produced lower-quality work just to keep riding their success for a little bit longer, but instead, they stepped outside of those boundaries and went on to do something new, pushing the music that they love instead of producing just to be producing. It’s part of what their fans love so much about them—and the band members know that Silverchair will always be there if they decide to dust it off again. The band hasn’t officially disbanded, and the members parted ways as friends, so there’s no telling what will come down the line later in their careers.