Sheryl Crow's 5 best lyrics
SherylCrowVevo via Youtube

Over the years Sheryl Crow's music has evolved with her career. There have been several songs that stand out, mainly because the lyrics resonated with fans. Crow has been on the music scene since 1993 and it doesn't look like she will be going anywhere anytime soon. With nearly 25 years of music under Crow's belt, there are some lyrics that have really stood out to fans. These are five of the best lyrics from Sheryl Crow.

“Strong Enough”

This song came off Sheryl Crow's debut album, but its popularity came later. Feeling unloved and unworthy is sometimes a woman's lowest point. The song talks about whether or not a guy can handle her and if he can't, she wants him to pretend in the moment. “When I've shown you that I just don't care, When I'm throwing punches in the air, When I'm broken down and I can't stand, Would you be man enough to be my man?”

“If It Makes You Happy”

If you have ever been in a place where you are supposed to be happy but aren't, this song is a reminder that you aren't alone. Sheryl Crow sings about what they used to do together and how it is just isn't making anything any better. You can have everything you want and still be sad. “If it makes you happy, It can't be that bad, If it makes you happy, Then why the hell are you so sad.”

“All I Wanna Do”

This is the anthem for a good night of partying. Sheryl Crow sings about partying until the sun comes up and just having an all around good time. If you didn't blast this during the summer, you weren't living! “All I wanna do is have some fun, I got a feeling I'm not the only one, All I wanna do is have some fun, Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.”

“My Favorite Mistake”

Dealing with relationship woes can be hard. Having someone be your “favorite mistake” isn't a good thing, but it happens. It is the person you know you shouldn't be with but when it happens, it almost makes things right for a brief moment. “Did you know, could you tell, You were the only one, That I ever loved, Now everything's so wrong.”

“Soak Up the Sun”

Who doesn't want to sit and soak up the sunshine? Sheryl Crow really got fans moving with this song. It became the party anthem for summers come and gone. Fans love dancing to this song and belting out the lyrics after a fun summer night. “I'm gonna soak up the sun, While it's still free, I'm gonna soak up the sun, Before it goes out on me.”