Crow rocking the streets of Cincinnati area
Crow rocking the streets of Cincinnati area
Photograph Larry Darling, Flickr

Sheryl Crow visited the Cincinnati area for a night of wonderment as she ran out onto the stage of the Fraze. Her high energy jumped from the front row all the way back to the last. Her show began and ended her show with the song the made her famous worldwide - Soak up the Sun.

Sheryl began her time in the area with taking her band to Dublin's Pub for lunch and must have been treated pretty well, since she gave a big shout out to them. "I'm just glad Youtube wasn't there to see what *ssholes we were," Crow joked. But, she wasn't really joking because her and her band didn't have the greatest experience there last year when they visited. Last year, during her concert, she said that they had horrible service and her attitude continued throughout her performance. She was short and seemed like she was only singing the songs required and couldn't wait to leave Ohio.

But, this year, she was a complete joy- which radiated in her music. She was spunky, delightful and even a bit of a jokester. "Are you strong enough to vote this year?" she asked. "I'm going to run for President in 8 years."

She sang all the well-known songs, but it wasn't until she picked up the harmonica that her talent really shined. For a woman, she can play the sweet, bluesy instrument like no other. She's a skilled artist with the guitar, but she can create a new harmonic sweetness with the harmonica. She's so petite that it almost seemed surprising that such a strong, brass sound could come from her body. Witnessing such a performance was timeless.

After her encore performance, after the cheering fans started filing out of the arena, Sheryl Crow's spirit rested and left with each and every fan allowing them to hope for another year of Sheryl's band coming to the area. The Cincinnati area will always welcome her with open arms.

To see Sheryl Crow in concert this summer, she can be found in the following venues:

September 23- Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis, TN

September 27- Ector County Coliseum, Odessa, TX

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