Shania Twain will use newfound voice to sing through time in shadows of heartbreak on new album

It does not seem long ago that Shania Twain and her resonant "Still The One" song, with a Canadian flair, literally flew through the airwaves and across the globe.  Loyal fans can still find broadcasts of her “Still The One” Las Vegas show on AXS-TV on a fairly regular basis, and the singer-songwriter has never surrendered her crown as the best-selling female artist of all time in country music. Shania Twain gave empowerment and a new presence to women in song. She won over many who would've never dared tune into a country station with her voice and kept them there with her real, relatable style and subjects. When her husband, producer, and creative partner, Robert “Mutt” Lange succumbed to infidelity, Shania took a break. The ever-beautiful brunette is emerging now, with lighter highlights in her hair, and a deeper tone to her voice, and a new story of spirit and soul-healing to explore in her new album, according to a Feb. 16 Country Living feature.

Fifteen years is a forever span in music today, but for Shania Twain, not a minute of that period was wasted. “It almost feels like another lifetime,” the 51-year old reflects of her initial reign as the midriff-bearing queen of country-pop, with unprecedented debut success with “The Woman In Me” and “Come On Over,” which still stands as the best-selling country album, ever. Her diagnosis of dysphonia in 2011 left Shania searching for a whole new voice, and learning to become “a different singer now,” who sometimes wonders if “It still sounds like me?” stressing the question mark.  She believes that her condition, characterized by hoarseness, strain, and difficulty speaking, much less singing, was induced by the strain of her marriage breakup, and it’s been “one of the obstacles in my life that I’ve just had to learn to live with.”

Shania Twain calls music “therapy” and has found solace with Frederic Thiebaud, the spurned husband of that best friend, and the joys of motherhood with son, Eja, 15.  The title for the new album, preparing for release in May, has yet to be decided, and there will be a single released in March. The songwriter who has created some of the catchiest hooks ever known in contemporary music mentions one song,” Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl?,” exploring the complexity and rejection of loving someone who does not keep that love as priority.  One thing definitely decided is that Twain insisted that everyone involved with her new production “forget about all my other records,” a catalog of $85 million in sales. “I didn't want [the new album] to be related to Mutt’s productions at all. I wanted a more organic approach.” She refers to the songs as “quite melancholy and a lot darker.”  Going through the pain is the biggest part of the healing process.

Another song in her upcoming collection is “Swinging With My Eyes Closed,” and Shania Twain says the song is about the fighter inside of her.  Shania Twain has always created songs about fighting for the fullest life possible, and reaching to light.  She is emerging again with fresh spirit and voice, ready to reclaim life, love, and song again.  “When you're done crying, you're done, asserts the spirited star. “You're done, and you move on.”