Colombian artists Shakira and Carlos Vives record their first duo together 'La Bicicleta'
Colombian artists Shakira and Carlos Vives record their first duo together 'La Bicicleta'
Courtesy Nadine Eliya

Two of Colombia's most popular artists, Shakira and Carlos Vives, have united not only their talent but also their voices to bring fans their first music collaboration together - "La Bicicleta" (The Bicycle). The two are excited and anxiously waiting to release the single this Friday, May 27.

"La Bicicleta" written by both, Vives and Shakira, and produced by Andres Castro represents different music genres which each specializes in. The song introduction is visible of native instruments - native flutes - before blending in a mix of reggaeton, vallenato, pop and cumbia. Music that represents their musical background successfully.

Although a few miles separated the two during their infancy, it was music that united them back to their homeland to film the video for "La Bicicleta" in Barranquilla (Vives) and Santa Marta (Shakira). The video and song is a tribute to their native Colombia where they capture the beauty of Colombian landscapes via bicycles. The video directed by photographer and filmmaker Jaume De Laiguana will be released within the next few weeks.

Both represent Colombia proudly not only as renowned artists in their own country but also in the United States - winners of numerous awards and recognition, activists, humanitarians, and philanthropists. The admiration and respect for each other is visible on and off the stage but their most memorable appearance together was in 2009 in support of hostage liberation during Colombia's Independence Day celebration.

Vives who currently is on tour has been promoting "La Bicicleta" at times wearing a t-shirt during his performance and "La Bicicleta" exposed on large screens at his concert venues.

Make sure to catch Carlos Vives and Shakira's fabulous duo of "La Bicicleta" on iTunes here and on all digital platforms as of Friday, May 27. Click here to listen. And for additional news of the release of the video stay in tune with Shakira here and Carlos Vives here.