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MisterWives tickets at Union Transfer in Philadelphia
fre 1 nov. 2024 - 19:30 EDT
Just For One Night! joan, Moody Joody
Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA Ålder: All Ages
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Just For One Night! joan, Moody Joody
Union Transfer
1026 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
fre 1 nov. 2024 - 19:30 EDT
Ålder: All Ages
Insläpp: 18:30
Pris i dörren: $33.00 - $38.00
Biljettsläpp: fre 14 juni 2024 - 10:00 EDT

Biografi: MisterWives

Either a sucker punch square in the face or extreme elevation can cause a nosebleed. In essence, this phenomenon occurs at the lowest of low moments and during the highest of high moments.

MisterWives examine both ends of this spectrum in their music. The platinum-certified Los Angeles-based quintet—Mandy Lee [vocals], Etienne Bowler [drums, production], Marc Campbell [guitar], Mike Murphy [keyboards], and William Hehir [bass]—absorb life’s ups and downs and recalibrate them in the form of snappy alternative rock anthems underlined by unexpectedly hip-shaking rhythms and identifiable tattoo-worthy lyrics.
They meet everyone in the middle of these extremes on their fourth full-length offering, Nosebleeds [Resilient Little Records/Photo Finish Records]. “The title encompasses multiple meanings,” Mandy notes. “There’s the physical aspect of taking relentless punches and visibly showing the effects. There’s another aspect of being up high outside of the world. We’re exploring all of these sides. I tried to be vulnerable and raw about my experience. As a kid, music was my escape and my safe space. At a really tumultuous time, I needed to write and feel excited about music once more. It was cathartic for what I’d been through.” “The theme is fitting in terms of how we started,” Etienne adds. “We had no band or shows, but wehad an excitement about making music and dreaming of what was going to happen. Not matter what stage you’re at, this excitement helps you get to the next level. A decade later, the same innocence returned to us.”

Back in 2012, MisterWives came to life around a spirit of collaboration. The push-and-pull between the unpredictable soundscapes and Mandy’s emotionally charged delivery defined their signature style across albums such as Our Own House [2015], Connect the Dots [2017], and Superbloom [2020]. The latter garnered critical acclaim from, and MTV, to name a few. Tallying over half-a-billion streams total on their catalog, “Reflections” notably went
platinum, and “Our Own House” reached gold status. Emerging as a fiery live presence, they toured alongside everyone from TWENTY ONE PILOTS and Panic! At The Disco to WALK THE MOON and Thirty Seconds To Mars in addition to selling out headline jaunts of their own.

Over the course of the last three years, Mandy and Etienne endured the dissolution of friendships, a split from their label, and the uncertainty of the Global Pandemic. So, they hunkered down in Etienne’s Pasadena studio and poured all of these experiences and emotions into what would become Nosebleeds. At the same time, they launched their own Resilient Little Records and struck up a partnership with original label home Photo Finish.
Nevertheless, MisterWives are there for you. “For me, this band is absolute self-expression,” Mandy leaves off. “I think it translates to the amazing people who support our music. Whether you’re at your happiest or saddest or somewhere in the middle, the show will always be a safe and celebratory space to be your authentic self and a reminder that you’re not alone.”

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