Scariest. movies. ever. Hair-raising horror films, spine-tingling psychodrama

Do you like scary movies? Here are the most hair-raising horror flicks, terrifying TV shows and spine-tingling psychodramas. We're not talking suspense but abject, crawl-in-mommy's-lap terror. We're also not talking predictable slice-and-dice thrillers--"Halloween","Friday the 13th","Nightmare on Elm Street." They just repulse. Ironically, or not, the scariest movies aren't computer-generated. Films rely on voice, music, effects and make-up. Old school horror is really popular. BBC One's "Doctor Who" has around for decades and the most-watched was last season. Without further ado, here are the.scariest.movies.ever.

"The Birds" (1963) It wasn't particularly graphic, except for the pecked face. It was just incredibly ominous. It's impossible to describe the horror of seeing those birds queuing on the monkey bars. A generation of kids boycotted playground equipment after watching!

"Sybil" (1976) Young Sybil develops 13 distinct personalities after suffering unspeakable horror at her sadistic, psychotic mother's hands. There's controversy about split personality part, but the terror is real. You can never again look at "happy families" without wondering what's going on behind closed doors.

"Dark Night of the Scarecrow" (1981) A mentally impaired man "Bubba" is falsely accused of killing a young girl he tried to rescue. Bubba is brutally killed after hiding in a scarecrow costume. Afterwards, a mysterious scarecrow wreaks revenge. The scariest part is the ignorance and cruelty of Bubba's neighbors.

"The Exorcist" (1973) In a vote of top-40 scariest movies, the Exorcist took number one and also 2-40. Seeing it in the theater, people had to be carried out after fainting or being sick. Mercedes McCambridge's voiceover of "Pazuzu" the demon is one of the most horrifying sounds ever.

"The Howling "(1981) Don't watch the werewolf's transformation scene before going to bed. Just saying.

"It" (1990) This movie is singularly responsible for clown phobia. Even the smarmy acting. can't dull the terror. The haunting childhood flashbacks add a nice layer of psychodrama.

"Dark Shadows" (the old TV show, not the movie). This reign of terror came on at 4pm. Little kids were welcomed home from kindergarten by Barnabas Collins! Some episodes were so unnerving they traumatized children decades later.

"The Twilight Zone (1959 series, 1985 series, 1983 movie) Seriously, these edgy film shorts seem innocuous enough. but they're unsettling. Uncanny coincidences and time reversals made Twilight Zone viewers reconsider any dirty deeds they were planning.

"Doctor Who" (various) So it's not specifically horror, but some Doctor Who villians will scare the pants off you: Doppelgangers, the Peg doll, the Daleks' voices and most horrifying, the "Weeping Angels." Do not blink.

"Tales from the Dark Side" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour." Not as sophisticated as The Twilight Zone, these three shows were more creepy and with those same macabre twists of fate.

To all you who love a good scare, here are some fresh finds that maybe you haven't seen or had forgotten.