Save Ferris: Monique Powell is back with a new lineup despite controversy

Save Ferris is back for a new incarnation of one of the '90s best ska bands. Monique Powell formed the group in 1995 and soon after they became ska favorites with a cover of Dexys Midnight Runners "Come On Eileen." Save Ferris was relatively successful considering the quick rise and fall in the popularity of ska music.

Monique Powell has seen many lineup changes in the history of Save Ferris.The band saw many people come and go throughout the years. The large size of a ska band makes it hard to keep an original lineup for any amount of time. Save Ferris has only released two studio albums It Means Everything and Modified.

Save Ferris broke up in 2002 and soon after Monique Powell found herself in the middle of a health crisis. The band was defunct for more than 10 years when Monique attempted to breath life back into Save Ferris. She arranged for a reunion show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in July 2013 and invited old members of the band to come back.

According to Monique, she never heard back from the former band mates and instead they issued a statement about the show that caused a further divide between Powell and the former Save Ferris band members. Bill Uechi, Eric Zamora, Brian Mashburn, Brian "Tbone Willy" Williams, Evan Kilbourne and Oliver Zavala are all named on the website denouncing the reunion show. They claim that they would be interested to do a Save Ferris reunion show in the future. However they claim that the only member of Save Ferris that would be performer at this particular show in July 2013 was Monique Powell and that none of them had been contacted.

We feel it is important that fans of the band Save Ferris know that thisisNOTareunionshow and the show will NOT include any original or former Band member other than Monique Powell. We have not authorized Monique Powell to perform under the name Save Ferris and the original and former Band members regret any confusion to our fans that may be caused as a result of any misleading statements or marketing materials disseminated by Ms. Powell or any other parties connected to this concert engagement. From what we can infer by the marketing and advertising materials we have seen thus far, this engagement is simply a Monique Powell performance of Save Ferris material accompanied by various musicians, who are unknown to the Band[sic].

Now Save Ferris is back with Monique Powell as the lead singer and still none of the former band members have rejoined her. Instead she has filled their spots with a new lineup and Monique talks about how they are writing new songs. Safe Ferris has been very active on social media in recent months and are putting together a new album.

Despite the legal challenges and the lost friendships with previous Save Ferris band members, it looks like they have made a comeback. Monique and crew should still put together a pretty good show.