Rocklahoma fans, be prepared for the weather in Oklahoma
You Tube, akist101

In Oklahoma, you never know what to expect when it comes to the weather. There can be sunshine one minute, and storms the next. You never know.

The historical average high in Oklahoma at this time of year is 85 degrees, with a low of 65 degrees. But, this is in the Tornado Belt, so you can expect the unexpected. Or at least be aware so that you can be somewhat prepared.

In 2008, severe storms with torrential rains struck Rocklahoma, right out of the blue. No one saw it coming. The two side stages completely collapsed during the storms. The next day, bands scheduled to play on those stages were moved to other tents, and the show went on, but it was a huge muddy mess.

In 2015, severe weather struck Rocklahoma again, forcing the evacuation of the staging area. Organizers closed the gates and sent attendees to their cars and campsites because of lightning spotted in the area. Two of the headlining bands didn't get to play due to the weather. Mayes County Emergency Management director Johnny Janzen told "In a tornado situation, they typically tell you not to get in your vehicle. However, there are no substantial structures at Rocklahoma that will house everyone. Metal poles make tents an unsafe option in the presence of lightning. So, really, your vehicle may be the safest option."

So, Rocklahoma fans, it is better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared. It is a good idea to bring rain ponchos and rubber boots or some kind of shoes that can withstand any weather conditions, just in case. You would not think about needing a jacket at this time of the year, but if the weather is wet and windy, it is something you might be wishing for if you don't bring one.

These weather warnings will hopefully be unneeded this year. It could be clear and sunny throughout the festival, but you never know. Keep your fingers crossed!