Rick Ross does it again with 'Mastermind'

Rick Ross has offered up another album of his symbolic style. Mastermind recalls a number of things. Rick Ross loves money, how to get it, and everything that comes with it (even the drama). The album reminds fans of the sound of Rick Ross's hip-hop. The album also reminds fans who his friends are in the rap game. The unashamed display of richness that Ross gives through his lyrics of simply having money and status will either make one feel comforted (if you have the cash and believe in it), inadequate (if you don't have the cash and really want it), or turned off (if you feel money will not necessarily deliver you to happiness). The coolest thing about the album is most likely production driven as the beats win the fight against the lyrics and rhymes. The beats are fresh. The words sadly are less fresh. Mastermind is more of Rick Ross, saturated with star power and tales of the wealth of crime, and it harkens back to the musical curtness of The Notorious B.I.G. (see "Nobody") even if it shouldn't. Mastermind is respectable for what it is, but it does not gloriously blast forth from itself.