Rick Ross 10 best songs

Rick Ross is the gold standard of southern rap, as his Maybach Music approach to the genre has garnered a legion of fans, and has changed the face of rap. Thanks to him, rappers from Drake to Flo-Rida are now trying to equate their own softness into a genre that was previously known for being anything but soft. Here are the top 10 songs that greatly defines his large imprint on the sound.

10. “Magnificent

This smooth track showcases the Maybach sound in all of its glory, and having John Legend on the track makes this single smooth as a bottle of Ciroc.

9. “The Boss

Rick Ross firmly established himself as the boss of all bosses in this track, and fans of the HBO series The Wire will notice that the video to the track is in fact a dedication to the show.

8. “Aston Martin Music

This single is directly what is implied in the title, as the song is both an ode to the fancy car maker, and a showcase to Ross’s Maybach Music approach to the genre.

7. “You The Boss

This single is a mixture of “The Boss” and “Aston Martin Music,” as it affirms Ross’s status as a boss, but also has that smooth, R&B vibe that carried “Aston Martin Music” to great heights.

6. “Diced Pineapples

Teaming up with Wale and Drake, this single is smooth, slick, and filled with the topical vibe that Ross puts in the Maybach sound. In other words, “Diced Pineapples” drips South Florida mellowness.

5. “War Ready

Contrary to popular belief, not every track Ross recorded was steeped in the Maybach sound. “War Ready” is a track that harkens back to his early days, as the single is hard in nature, and has a beat that will get anybody amped up.

4. “Go

Although this track has a pop undertone to it, the single still showcases Ross at his hardest, and this single certainly brings it back to Carol City.

3. “Speedin’

Back in the early days of his career, Ross was best known for showcasing his fast lifestyle. Granted, he still does, but it’s more toned down today than it was when he released “Speedin’” in 2007. This track showcases the extravagant Miami lifestyle at its most decadence, and the sound is one that will get you in the mood to get money yourself.

2. “Push It

You got to push life to the limit, and this track from Ross’s debut album, Port of Miami, will encourage you to do the best at everything you do.

1. “Hustlin’

Out of the many hit singles that Ross has accumulated over the years, no track matches what Ross is all about more than “Hustlin’.” The single brought his Maybach sound into the limelight, and it set in to place Ross astronomical rise to the top of the rap game.