Review: Godfrey's 'Regular Black' is extraordinarily funny
Shark Party Media - used with permission

Last month, fans of Audible Channels were able to exclusively stream Godfrey's new comedy album, Regular Black, and now the wait is almost over for everyone else. On Dec. 9, the hilarious release will be available everywhere albums are sold.

Throughout Regular Black, Godfrey tackles the idea of stereotypes in fresh and unexpected ways using his Nigerian and American heritage to shape an incredibly funny set. Some of the most hilarious examples of this came later in the album on “Safari” during which the comedian perfectly laid out why African safari guides always survive an animal attack. The lack of logic involved with playing dead if confronted by a bear and the inherent dangers of killer whales also provided easy laughs.

While general topics like the hassles of public transportation and the absurdity of running a marathon were constructed into hysterical bits, Godfrey's personal stories about growing up with immigrant parents took Regular Black to the next level. Whether discussing his father's favorite saying – “Who is going to pay for this” – to why, as a child, you should never look in the mirror while arguing with your parents, the comedian was able to connect with fans on the absurdity of life while giving more insight into what made him the performer he is today.

Regular Black was recorded in Godfrey's hometown of Chicago, and he regularly used the city as a rich source of jokes. It is fitting that the album has a December release, as his material about the frigid cold will connect with Chicagoans who are currently experiencing wind chills in the single digits. Godfrey also takes time out to share fashion advice with men struggling to stay warm, advising against a less-than masculine accessory.

Following the release of Regular Black, Godfrey will be performing live at Laugh Boston later in the month. His previous album, Black By Accident, came out in 2011, and he has appeared on such hilarious TV shows as “Louie,” “Shaquille O'Neal's Upload” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Godfrey has also had roles in a number of notable films including “Zoolander,” “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Soul Plane.” He is slated to appear alongside Bill Burr, Jeffrey Ross, Dave Attell and many other hilarious comedians in the upcoming documentary, “Oh, Rick.”

Head over to iTunes to pre-order Regular Black and click here to pick-up tickets to see Godfrey perform live in Boston Dec. 29-31. Keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.