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Jack White is just like every Cubs fan.
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Jack White warned you not to watch this video.
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Jack and Jack live another day.
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Winter is coming for Jack White.
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Jack White is fine art.
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Elephant, alternate album cover
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White is the new Black.
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See, Jack smiles.
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One of our favorite stories yesterday was Jack White being caught seemingly unhappy at a Cubs game. Even though the truth is more nuanced than that, the story inspired some of the fine members of reddit to reimagine unamused Jack in a variety of different settings.

The owner of Third Man Records has been placed in images of The Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, 24, The Ring, and our personal favorite, with the convicts of Orange is the New Black. He's even been remixed in his own album cover.

White is currently touring in support of his latest album, Lazaretto, and it appears he's enjoying that much more. His fans are as well. At his show in Milwaukee in the Eagles Ballroom, he invited audience members on stage to perform Seven Nation Army with him and his band.

You'd do well to catch a show. Or, perhaps, you'll see him in the stands at your local baseball park. Despite appearances, we hear he's a fan.