Photo 1/21
Keri Hilson and the swag bags
Photo 2/21
Rusha Brown with her adorable guests
Photo 3/21
Beauty, Babydoll and Star of the OMG Girlz
Photo 4/21
Aeshia DeVore Branch, co-founder of the Teen Diaries
Photo 5/21
Coach Fred Williams with wife Bo Talley-Williams
Photo 6/21
Havok Jones
Photo 7/21
Pretty Girls Sweat participants
Photo 8/21
The OMG Girlz speak to the participants
Photo 9/21
Keri Hilson captivates the audience
Photo 10/21
Hoop girl Keri Hilson showing how it's done
Photo 11/21
Hillary Cleggett (President) and Mallorie Holmes (Vice-President ) representing Teen Angels Rock Society
Photo 12/21
Double Dutch Aerobics' Michelle Clark shows the insanity of it all
Photo 13/21
Working it at the event
Photo 14/21
Aeshia Devore Branch and Keri Hilson lead the pack
Photo 15/21
The OMG Girlz bringing it on
Photo 16/21
Time for some hoop action
Photo 17/21
Havok on the court
Photo 18/21
Hitting the rims
Photo 19/21
Gettin' sweaty with it
Photo 20/21
The signs say it all
Photo 21/21

The Andrew Young YMCA in Atlanta was the central meeting point for recording artists Keri Hilson, the OMG Girlz, Havok Jones and others in the sports field for the Pretty Girls Sweat event on Saturday, September 27. It was a team effort to promote, inspire and motivate young girls to become more physically active in sports and self-esteem exercises.

Community movement in action

Speaking of teams, the Pretty Girls Sweat movement and event is a product of Teen Diaries Foundation which is dedicated to the healthy development of young women and girls nationwide. The show of support from the community and sports professionals added to the success of the event. Also in the crowd were Fred Williams of the Tulsa Shock with his wife Bo Talley-Williams, Rusha Brown (WNBA Vet/Pres. & Founder of the Women’s Professional Basketball Alumni Association), the Teen Angels Rock Society, Aeshia DeVore Branch and Nicole Johnson Roberson of Teen Diaries, and the Double Dutch Aerobics organization.

While the OMG Girls gave a great presentation to the crowd of teens, the anticipation and presence of Keri Hilson was the highlight of the afternoon. She gave a really good motivational and inspirational talk about the merits of being physically in shape, emphasizing that sweating is a good thing because it tends to enhance the active part of their lives. Her many points came back to the fact that boys should not be the only people who should participate in sports. Afterwards, everybody in the gym participated in the physical activities that should be part of their daily routines.

The diaries

As an organization, Teen Diaries is actually much more than the Pretty Girls Sweat movement. Its basic core is to promote self-empowerment for young girls in the media industry. For more information, go to and also:

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