Rasputina are living on the frustration plantation

Rasputina is a two cello and drums band that is led by vocalist/cello player Melora Creager who founded the trio in 1992. Best known for their unique blend of classical instruments playing pop music mixed with themes of folk and alternative music. Their onstage look is based upon Victorian Era imagery along with steampunk costumes. Creager continues to be the band's sole original member who is joined in live performances with fellow cellist Daniel DeJesus and drummer Ani Cordero.

Creager founded Rasputina in 1992 and named the band after one of their songs. She toured and performed regularly for several years with different variations of lineups before recording her first album, Thanks for the Ether (which was release in 1996), featuring a triple cello sound. The disc didn't chart but it became a favorite in the cult alternative music movement which was hitting its stride in the mid-'90s. Rasputina's second album and last for major studio Columbia Records was How We Quit the Forest which was co-produced by Chris Vrenna who also provided the drums and digital programming.

Rasputina would move on to Instinct Records and release the industrial influenced Cabin Fever in 2002 and it would be the last of the three cello sound. Creager would change the band's sound to a double cello trio with their fourth studio album, Frustration Plantation, which they dropped in 2004. After experimenting with conceputal pieces in their last disc, Rasputina would release their first concept album Oh Perilous World in 2007 which featured themes relating to Post 9/11 America and certain other relative events in history. The album was critically acclaimed and it built up a cult following amongst the music community building up the band's credit with the underground music scene.

Today, Rasputina continues to play live and perform with Melora Creager leading the band into the 2010's with their latest album Sister Kinderhook. Fans of the eclectic cello trio wanting to find out when and where they'll play next will want to check out the band's official Facebook page for all of the latest news and touring schedule pertaining to Rasputina.