Radiohead updates their PolyFauna app, say 'best record is still to come'
CitizenInsaneVideos/ YouTube

When it comes to Radiohead, news about the band tends to come sporadically and without advance notice. Over the past few days, fans have been treated to several news items about the band, which means we can officially start holding our breath in anticipation of a new album that will inevitably drop out of the blue.

Although it’s not a full album, Radiohead did indeed share some new music over the weekend, as they updated their PolyFauna app on Sept. 1 with new images and recordings. If you haven’t downloaded it, Rolling Stone describes PolyFauna as an “immersive app, inspired by Björk's Biophilia project, [that] drops the user into alien worlds that are fully navigable. After exploring each landscape, the user must chase after a warp that will teleport them to yet another strange, colorful terrain.”

YouTube user CitizenInsaneVideos did God’s work and compiled the new snippets into a YouTube video, which you can watch above. The music is skeletal and ambient, though as Rolling Stone points out, frontman Thom Yorke (who has been posting a series of images from the app’s update to his Twitter account) can be heard harmonizing on several of them.

It’s entirely possible that the new tracks could help form the basis for Radiohead’s next album, the sessions for which are scheduled to begin this month. And after taking a break to pursue solo projects following the release of “The King of Limbs” in 2011, it sounds like the band feels reinvigorated. Per Consequence of Sound, drummer Phil Selway told BBC Radio in a recent interview that, “There’s always that sense that our best record is still to come. There’s still a lot creativity we can do together.”

Rather than stink of hubris, that’s an encouraging quote to hear from a band that has already released several classic albums. Whenever their new record appears (and based on past precedent, it’s doubtful there will be any advance notice), we’ll be sure to hold Selway to that.