Welcome to the Pretty Lights Shows in Telluride

We hope that you enjoy your time at the shows. Below is some useful information about the Town of Telluride and the event.

Concert Rules and Information


1) Single day tickets will be available for purchase for San Miguel County residents beginning Monday March 7th. Two-day tickets will go on sale to the general public on March 11th. Local’s tickets may be purchased, CASH ONLY, at:

  1. Telluride Music – 333 West Colorado Ave
  2. Sheridan Opera House – 110 North Oak Street

* Tickets are $60 per day per person; Venues will be charging a $3 handling fee

2) Residents may purchase up to two tickets per day, proof of residency must be provided at time of purchase. Tickets will be sold first come, first serve.

3) The same rules and regulations will apply to these locals tickets as they do all tickets for the event, non-transferable, lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced, etc.


All tickets can be exchanged for wristbands at the Box Office, located at the entrance to Town Park. Once wristbands are placed on, they are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you remove, tear, damage or lose your wristband you will not receive a new one.

Pretty Lights Box Office hours:

  • Thursday, August 25th Noon – 8 p.m.
  • Friday, August 26th Noon – Close
  • Saturday, August 27th Noon – Close


GATES- Gates open at 5:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. You are allowed to enter and exit the event grounds beginning when the gates open until the band has ended each evening. Please be aware you must go through a security check each time you enter the event grounds.

RECORDING DEVICES - Are NOT allowed inside the event grounds.

WEATHER – Please come prepared for any weather condition. This includes intense sun, heat, rain, wind, sleet and yes, possibly snow. At this altitude weather can change quickly so don ’t forget sunscreen, hats, gloves and jackets. The show happens rain or shine! Telluride is 9,000ft above sea level so be prepared for extreme changes in temperature each day, bring layers.

CHILDREN - Kids 11 and under are free for the shows and camping, but must be accompanied by a paying adult. Please accompany your children at all times. Lost children will be taken to the Medical tent located in the South East corner of the event grounds.

LOST & FOUND - Please go to the Security Station under the white tent inside the event grounds to report or reclaim all lost and found items.

MEDICAL SERVICES - While at the shows, EMT’s are standing by to help with any medical needs. They can be found in the South East corner of the event grounds near the port-o-potties. Outside of the event grounds, medical treatment can be obtained at the Telluride Medical Center located at 500 W Pacific Ave. The Medical Center can be reached by phone at 970-728-3848. In an emergency, please call 911.

GLASS, ALCOHOL AND VIDEO CAMERAS - Are not allowed in the event grounds. Please pack all food and beverage items in reusable containers. Food, beer, cocktails, and wine are sold (with an ID) within the event grounds.

DRINKING WATER - There are a couple free filtered water stations in the event grounds please bring an empty reusable water bottle, up to a gallon in size, to fill up and stay hydrated.

NO VENDING - Per Town of Telluride ordinance it is illegal to vend within the event grounds, campgrounds and parking lots.

ALTITUDE SICKNESS – Telluride is located at an elevation of 9,000ft. Altitude sickness is something you should be cognizant of. Be sure to drink plenty of water when you arrive and during your stay especially if you are coming from sea level. Also try to limit your alcohol intake, specifically when you first arrive in Telluride because alcohol causes dehydration, which is a major factor in altitude sickness.

NO PETS- Pets are not allowed in the event grounds, any campground or parking lot. Please be a humane and responsible owner and make arrangements for your pet to stay at home or in a kennel.

Service animals are allowed. If you need a kennel nearby:

  • Wash-N-Watch Dogs – Cera Kennel (970) 729 3243 (Dry Creek Basin)
  • Double Diamond Kennels (970) 249 4490 (Montrose)
  • San Juan Veterinary Clinic (970) 249 4490 (Montrose)


For safety reasons, a full pat down and bag search will be performed on everyone entering the venue. Re-entry is allowed, however, upon re-entering the venue, everyone will be subject to a full search.


Empty, reusable water bottles (e.g. Nalgene bottles, Camelbacks, aluminum/stainless steel bottles)
Personal cameras without detachable lenses
GoPros and selfie sticks
LED Poi (glow sticks, balls, ropes, etc).


Alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or illegal drugs
Glass bottles/objects, or beverage cans
Laser pointers
Professional video cameras/recording
Weapons of any kind (e.g. Guns, knives, multi-tools with knives)
Bullhorns or noisemakers
Confetti and glitter
Animals (except service animals must have documentation)
Remote controlled flying devices or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, drones)

Camping for the Event

TOWN PARK CAMPGROUND: – Follow the main street (Colorado Ave) through town to the end of the commercial district until you see a sign for the Town Park on your right. You will be stopped by staff on the bridge, please have your tickets ready again. You will be given a short amount of time to drive into the campground, unload you gear, and drive back out. As you leave the staff at the Vehicle Gate will give you a parking pass for free parking in one of the Event designated lots. These passes are only valid for the parking lot designated on the pass. The staff at the Vehicle Gate will direct you to the designated lot.

LAWSON HILL CAMPGROUND: – If you have purchased a camping pass for the Lawson Hill campground please follow the highway signs to Lawson Hill. The staff at the campground will direct you where to park to unload your stuff. They will also give you a parking pass for free parking in one of the Event designated lots. These passes are only valid for the parking lot designated on your pass. The staff will direct you to the designated lot.

It is essential to pay attention to staff directions and signs directing you where to park. You may leave your car parked in the lot through out the shows, but you must move your car by noon on Sunday, August 28th. If you do move your car from the lot before Sunday you may not have a spot when you return.


Campground Rules and Regulations

We highly encourage you to practice leave no trace and low impact camping. The Town of Telluride & Lawson Hill Property Owners graciously provides the land to us. Please help us leave the area in the same condition in which it was found.

CAMP SITES – – Space in all campgrounds is available on a first-come first-serve basis. Camping is sold per person and not per site. Please clean up campsites before leaving each day to avoid trash and/or food being blown about and attracting wildlife. Store food & alcohol out of sight within enclosed places such as tents, vehicles or coolers.

NO OPEN FIRES – The residents of Telluride have passed a clean air ordinance, which bans the burning of wood year round in homes and outdoors for air quality purposes. We know the nights can be chilly and that campfires are part of camping life, and we miss ‘em just like you do. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to treat the town with the same respect that the local residents do year round.

NO PETS- Pets are not allowed in the event grounds, any campground or parking lot. Please be a humane and responsible owner and make arrangements for your pet to stay at home or in a kennel. Service animals are allowed.

CHARCOAL GRILLS - Charcoal grills are only allowed in Town Park. Backpacking stoves must have a metal pan in the Lawson Hill campground in order to protect the grass.

TENT STAKES -To protect the irrigation systems, tent stakes longer than 6″ are prohibited in the Lawson Hill campground.

GRASS – No driving on or burning the grass in the Lawson Hill campground.

DRINKING WATER - Water is available at the Town Park and Lawson Hill campgrounds and the Conoco station outside of town.

TICKS - These little pests are always troublesome. Please take precautions.

NO VENDING - Per Town of Telluride ordinance it is illegal to vend within the event grounds, campgrounds and parking lots.

MISCELLANEOUS - No camping within 30 feet of any water source. In addition, there is no bathing or dishwashing allowed in any stream or natural water source.

TRASH, COMPOST & RECYCLING - Be responsible and keep campsites clean! Use Port-O-Lets, trash receptacles, recycling & compost bins correctly. It is imperative for campers to embrace "Leave no Trace" camping practices. We have at least one recycling & composting center in each campground. However, both efforts will only work if all of us make it work. Do not put trash in the recycling or composting bins or nothing will get recycled or composted. Clean up your campsite daily rather than all at once or the bins will become overfilled and our staff overwhelmed. If you have any questions please ask a staff member. Thanks for your help!

LOAD OUT PROCEDURE - On Sunday morning hundreds of campers need to pack up and load out. To avoid chaos and frayed nerves please follow these procedures:

  1. Break camp.
  2. Move your gear to the nearest convenient pick up spot.
  3. THEN AND ONLY THEN, go get your vehicle.
  4. Cooperate with staff when parking.
  5. Load out as quickly as possible.
  6. Since the campground closes at 11am, please plan on being out by 10:45 a.m..