Premiere: Upright Man release sweetly sweeping song “Three Easy Pieces”
Photography by Sloane Morrison

New York City-based rock band Upright Man will be releasing a dynamic self-titled album on Aug. 18, 2017. Aidan Dolan (guitar), Nick Katz (bass), Max Yassky (drums), along with touring member Ryan Slotnick (keyboards) have put together an exciting album that instantly captivates listeners with ambitious and magnetic songs. Boasting soothing keyboards and spacey twists these tracks will surely hypnotize listeners from their tribal beats and mesmerizing piano-driven swagger. Upright Man’s lyrics portray a lush soundscape by means of effervescent instrumentation. Click on the link to listen to “Three Easy Pieces,” which premieres here on AXS today. Upright Man album pre-sales are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Drummer Max Yassky spoke about the band’s new single in a press release, “'Three Easy Pieces' is one of the earlier tunes we wrote, and it's somewhat of an outlier. Aidan and I had talked about writing songs away from the guitar, which is how we wound up on piano. The instrumental part was something that just kind of happened when I sat down; it's an amalgam of the ‘touchy-feely’ piano music that I'd dig on travels. We wrote the lyrics pretty quickly as well. It was an easily reached compromise between talking about some harder personal experiences, and more of a vague description of what we want in life versus what we need. Maybe three easy pieces are all you need. Pieces of what... You tell us.”

The band met at New York University while studying classical music composition and played together on projects from classical ensembles to rock bands. It was the musicians’ strong writing chemistry that actually drove the formation of the band. Aidan explains, “Our different musical backgrounds make for an explosive chemical reaction that creates something none of us would have alone.” “We have an intense compulsion to write songs together, and do so constantly,” says Nick. “Our goal is to write great songs, play genuine music and share it with the world,” adds Max.

Upright Man is on the road this month with rock-funk-soul-jazz-jam scene luminary and renowned pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph & The Family Band. Follow Upright Man on Facebook for all tour information.