Platinum super group Atlantic Starr announce brand new release

Glenn Friedman, The Music Umbrella International Consultant, announced that the popular R&B Soul group Atlantic Starr will release their brand new single 'My Best Friend' on Feb. 14, Valentine's Day. With a history of super releases like the classic world wedding song "Always" plus their two platinum albums, Brilliance and As The Band Turns, along with their heavily praised triple platinum album, All In The Name Of Love, their newest single "My Best Friend" has all the markings of another super hit for the group. "My Best Friend" is the first single from the upcoming new album, Metamorphosis, by the group.

Atlantic Starr honed their marvelous sound over time from one generation to the next.  From the early days, the Lewis brothers would know a home filled with aunts, uncles, Mom and Dad who would share the gift of music, to more recent days of performing in front of the giant crowds at such notable events as the Buzz SuperFest and Soulful Festival.  In countries all around the world such as Taiwan, China, The Philippines, Japan, and more, one thing stands clear,  Atlantic Starr is delivering  romantic, soul infused rhythm & blues with a twist of innovation that audiences everywhere love. 

This past March, the group was honored to receive an official proclamation from their home city of White Plains, New York, announcing March 29, 2016 as Atlantic Starr Day.  This prestigious honor came about due to the group's commitment to community service and notes the members of the group as outstanding individuals. 

Be sure to check out the new music from this outstanding R&B group.