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It’s the heart of summer and most of the nation is caught in a sweltering heat wave, but last night, no place on earth sizzled with such exhilarating intensity as Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Iconic singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins captivated the crowd with her wit, her charm, her dazzle, and, of course, her voice.

Right after the first song, a stunning rendition of “As I Lay Me Down,” Sophie revealed that the charismatic one-year-old child in the audience, who was trying to steal the show, was actually her own daughter, Esther. The artist confided that one of the things she needed to do before stepping on stage each night was to make herself feel normal, so she preceded to recount a humorous situation involving Esther and diapers that happened earlier that evening. “Now, I feel normal!” she proclaimed, laughing.

It is that genuine nature that makes Sophie so refreshingly radiant in both her personality and her music. She is exactly who she is, a talented artist who is not afraid of her own thoughts and emotions. Because Sophie is willing to experience and embrace everything she feels, it gives others the strength to live their life with a liberating confidence.

As a testament to her irresistible appeal, a great part of the show was devoted to music that has not even been released yet. Whereas that kind of a choice might have been disastrous for nearly any other performer, for Sophie it was perfect. She opened up a door, inviting the audience in for a guided tour of something very private and exclusive, ultimately creating a special bond that was unique to the people who were in the room last night.

Throughout the evening, Sophie casually revealed her incredible array of artistry that encompassed everything from singing a cappella to playing guitar, piano and percussion – she forgot her ukulele. The lithe performer moved about the stage with the enchanting grace of an accomplished dancer and regaled the audience with a delightful bounty of amusing anecdotes and engaging tales.

“People really like when I tell the story to the song… I hope you don’t have any plans after this,” she joked at one point in the evening before talking about the musical, “Room 105” in which she plays Janis Joplin.

Accompanying Sophie for the show was guitar virtuoso Peter Calo, who also brought a couple young members of his own family with him to the venue. In Peter’s hands, the guitar somehow magically transformed into an entire orchestra, his deft playing blossoming as a rich symphony of exquisite timbres that just did not seem possible on merely one instrument.

After leaving the crowd spellbound by her tantalizing refrain of “ I want you, I want you, Darling, I want you,” Sophie left the stage to meet the audience out at her merch table. A line of fans patiently waited, eager to share stories and photos documenting just how much they admired the artist. She graciously offered each and every person not only autographs and photos, but individual attention, ensuring an unforgettable evening for all in attendance.

Be sure to follow Sophie on social media to learn when her new music will be available.

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