PARTYNEXTDOOR  Two album review

Have you heard? There is a party next door and everyone is invited. Aubrey Drake Graham is at the top top of the most popular charts, which means he is able to really live out his dreams and accomplish all serious goals. One of those goals was to start his own music label now known as OVO Sound, a Warner Bros Records imprint. The first official signee to the label is Canada resident PARTYNEXTDOOR. Something about his dark and highly thuggish style is most intriguing. Back in summer of 2013 he mysteriously released his first self-titled project. Then we heard him hidden on Drake’s album Nothing Was the Same. He wrote and co-produced the record Own It. Party toured worldwide with boss Drake for the Would You Like A Tour series. A year later and PARTYNEXTDOOR releases his follow up album on the new label, properly named TWO. I felt, for personal reasons, it was necessary to write down my thoughts on PARTYNEXTDOOR latest efforts TWO. Read it or not.

The difference between this album TWO and PARTYNEXTDOOR debut is mainly the tempo. TWO sounds like it was made entirely for the ladies and acts as mood music in the bedroom. PARTY doesn’t just sing his music. He is unique with attitude and the next level writings and producing.

The album opens up with a track called "East Liberty." I assume he wrote this in East Liberty, Pittsburgh. Throughout the song PARTYNEXTDOOR refers to it being the end of summer. Sounds like the story starts at the end. He is convincing a female to leave her “lazy lover” and come to the PARTY.

“She call me private party Sls”, is just another catchy nickname that PARTYNEXTDOOR is given by a female friend he refers to on this record Sls. A bit more up-tempo and would sound epic at a cocktail party. Wait… is he talking about the super luxury chain of hotels SLS because that would be a good look shout out Beverly Hills.

Almost instantly when listening to "Sex On The Beach, you notice the distinct sounds of Disclosure’s mega hit Latch. The production comes from a kid new to my ears who goes by Neenyo a fellow resident of Mississauga. The song gives off a private party sunset evening in Dade County, Florida type of vibe.

Her is a classic and was the introduction into PARTYNEXTDOOR latest material. The song sounds like the soundtrack to a vintage New York mob movie. The horns can scare you if you’re not prepared.

Belong To the City comes next. Throughout PARTYNEXTDOOR career he has deeply shouted out his neighborhood and city of Mississauga, South Ontario. I am highly intrigued by the pictures painted through his music and will now visit this city one day very soon. He sings “She belong to the city”, could be speaking of himself as ‘The City” or the fact that the city is known as the “city where you don’t have to love too long.”

Another production credit for new producer Neenyo. Neenyo has actually worked and produced with Drake before on a song called “Must Hate Money.” This time it’s co production alongside PARTYNEXTDOOR. This song literally sounds like a demo written for boss man Drake’s next album Views From the 6 (due out in spring 2015). In fact almost this entire project TWO sounds like it could be a ghost written project for Drake. Both artists have a super chill harmony about their voices.

Fwu contains a sample of what sounds like a woman’s voice in the beginning of the song. I would love to know the origins of this sample. Another hypnotic love song for all the PND groupies out there to fall in love with. The acronym of Fwu would be referring to F***WithYou. PARTY goes in and out of verses exceptionally and almost has a jazzier approach to it. By the end of the song his voice is literally crackling, singing this ballad to the ladies.

Recognize is the most recent song that was leaked a week before the release date to help boost pre order of TWO sales. Well I definitely pre ordered after hearing this single featuring Drake. Recognize serves as one of the only more up-tempo songs on the album. I expect to hear PARTYNEXTDOOR on many more Drake records as himself or as a ghost (writer).

My favorite record that comes from TWO is Options. The extremely darkness that the song gives off is a beautiful thing. PARTYNEXTDOOR is a master of his crafts of singing, writing and I would say most of all, producing. The song features an audio clip of a woman confessing her obsession with the PARTY. She also refers to men as being too clingy and how it’s pathetic. PARTYNEXTDOOR is the modern day Don Juan, but with more swag and an idgaf attitude.

“Thirsty baby bring it over here, ching ching getting paid over here”, is a Missy Elliot sample that comes from the song Ching A Ling released in 2008. This also served as the lead single for the movie Step Up 2 the Streets movie and OST.

This song called Bout It should only be played after 2am in any time zone. A song that will most likely always get you laid, as the vibe of the song almost instantly gave me the chills. Rather creepy. This is one of PARTYNEXTDOOR stronger areas of song-writing. The song closes with another apparent Drake inspired verse. “Sex on the couch, don’t pull out. LOL.

The album closes with an older record "Muse," which was leaked back on October 13, 2013. You can tell the song is a bit outdated because PARTYNEXTDOOR sounds like he going for that classic James Fauntleroy style a bit too hard.

In the end, the album wins as a follow up to a critically acclaimed debut project. PARTYNEXTDOOR self-titled debut album was perfect for what it was and for what was going on at that time. TWO is amazing for what it is, a new age bedroom bible for the lovers and the loveless. Look out for PARTYNEXTDOOR and watch as he slaps the industry across the face with his brilliance.