'One man band' Jason Moss talks creating all forms of music
Jason Moss/YouTube

Jason Moss is truly a one man band when it comes to making music for film and television. He composes, he writes, he produces and he supervises its use. Currently bringing his multi-faceted expertise to the IFC comedy series "Gigi Does It," Jason took part in an e-mail interview with AXS to discuss his varied and lengthy musical career.

One of the keys to his success has been the amount of travel in his history, which he described as enough to make your head spin. Going from New Jersey and its folk, metal and 1970's sound to Caracas, Venezuela where he was immersed in different music with entirely new rhythms and sounds, Jason said his sound palette has grown in originality and perspective.

That helps him as he creates and manages music for everything from TV shows to documentary films to commercials. Jason told us that while all the types of projects are different, the writing of the music isn't different; it's the business aspect of things - how many people he's communicating with and being flexible in how he collaborates with them. At the end of the day, every finished piece is a team effort.

That includes working on "Gigi Does It," which he described as a blast. "The show is like nothing else really on tv because it stars a 76 year old Jewish grandmother played by a 37 year old David Krumholtz in drag," he said. "She has a mouth like a toilet bowl and more issues then a rehab center, so outside of having just music from Gigi’s era, I wanted to create and use music that was kitschy, playful and cheesy."

His sound for the show is all sorts of things: lounge-y, jazzy, elevator music, quirky and even samba. But Jason didn't stop there; he serves as the entire music department. If it involves music, he's got a hand in it, and he told us that having that overview allowed him to better shape the sound audiences are about to hear.

Imagine a musician who writes, records, engineers and produces their own album - that's exactly what he's doing, just for a visual medium. Jason truly is a full service performer, showing how those who compose and create for other forms are just as much musical artists as those who top the charts today.

With all the things he's accomplished so far, Jason told us he doesn't think he can ever be busy enough. "I’m just lucky I’m not flipping burgers or parking your car," he laughed. "There is no steering this train. I am just so lucky to be making a living making music."

You can check out Jason's music via his demo reel, by using the media player included with this article, and listen to more when "Gigi Does It" premieres this Thursday, Oct. 1 at 10:30 p.m. on IFC.

For more on Jason Moss, visit his artist page at AXS.