Watch: Sir Mix-a-Lot rocks 'Baby Got Back' with symphony orchestra
SeattleSymphony/ YouTube

In addition to being pop music’s foremost thesis on the derriere, Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” is a celebration of honesty (remember, Sir Mix “can not lie” about his fondness for big butts) and the courage to share your beliefs, no matter the opinion of fashion magazines or rock videos. These high-minded themes were at the center of the Seattle Symphony’s performance of the ‘90s hip-hop classic this weekend, and the orchestra even brought out Sir Mix-a-Lot himself to get it going like a turbo ‘Vette.

The concert was part of the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution project, which “celebrates the past, present and future of music,” by repurposing the songs from some of the area’s best-known musicians into a classical format, according to the Seattle Symphony website. This past weekend’s performance was headed by conductor Gabriel Prokofiev, who also premiered his new song “Dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot” at the event, which one can only assume is a 3-part atonal song cycle about mankind’s debased yet enduring need to kick those nasty thoughts.

As wedding reception dancefloors have scientifically proven, no one loves the song more than women themselves, and Sir Mix-a-Lot invited the ladies in the house to come up on stage and shake their healthy butts along with him. This lead to the surreal sight of middle-aged women twerking on a stage shared by the region’s best classical musicians as they played a song about big ol’ butts. To paraphrase a line in the song itself, these were not your average groupies.

Because of the internet, you can go ahead and watch the bizarre and awesome performance embedded above. Colorado may have the Classically Cannabis series, but when it comes to music events that truly seem to be conceived by and catering to the profoundly stoned, this may take the cake.

For a full list of upcoming Seattle Symphony events, visit the organization’s website.