Video: The 13 all-time best moments from the AMA's

By their very nature, entertainers are outrageous! They crave every drop of the attention that we just love giving them. And, you never know what they might do next to keep us riveted. Especially in a live situation such as the American Music Awards shows. It’s like when Dave Salmoni brings a spider monkey on Jimmy Kimmel Live... you just know there are going to be unexpected shenanigans!

Are the presenters going to show up sober? Who are the celebrities bringing as their a dates? Are loose lips going to rapidly fill the swear jar to overflowing? What magical pairings, provocative performances, and mind-blowing routines are going to have us rave-tweeting all night long?

The lineup for tonight’s awards event features an unrivaled roster of A-list talent. It is pretty much guaranteed to be completely off the hook entertainment peppered with unforgettable, impromptu happenings. Still, it’s going to have to be phenomenally stellar to outperform these 13 all-time best moments from previous American Music Awards! Just click the image above to watch!

The 2015 American Music Awards, hosted by Jennifer Lopez, will air tonight at 8/7c on ABC.