Video: Dave Grohl adds horror movie twist to ALS ice bucket challenge
Foo Fighters/ YouTube

The ice bucket challenge to benefit the fight against ALS has made a big splash on the internet in recent weeks, with dozens of celebrities and musicians (not to mention seemingly all of your friends on Facebook) accepting the challenge to get ice-cold water dumped on them in the name of a very worthy cause. The latest star to accept the proposition is Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who added a classic horror movie twist to one of the best ice bucket videos yet.

After Grohl accepts the challenge from Zac Brown and nominates a disparate collection of other famous people (Jack Black, John Travolta, and Stephen King), the video’s setting is revealed: a recreation of the iconic scene from “Carrie” (the original, thankfully, not last year’s tepid remake) in which the telekinetic teen gets a bucket of blood poured over her as she accepts the crown of prom queen. Grohl plays the Carrie role, while fellow Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins plays her date. The band’s other members -- Pat Smear and Nate Mendel -- portray the mischievous students behind the cruel prank (oh wait, now I get why he nominated John Travolta and Stephen King).

As they’ve proved in their music videos, the Foo Fighters always excel when they’re asked to goof around and all four play their parts well, with Grohl in particular showcasing the type of expressive mugging more common to comedians than rock stars. Also, Hawkins does a great job of recreating the precise details of the moment when The Greatest American Hero gets nailed in the head with the bucket.

Watch the video above and don’t forget to donate to this important cause. Last week, Foo Fighters announced that their new album, Sonic Highways, will be released on Nov. 10.