Troy Ave denies being signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records

Welp, it sounded like a good idea. T.I. told Power 105’s Angela Yee last weekend that Troy Ave would soon be joining the Grand Hustle roster, but fans’ hopes were dashed when Troy outright denied the signing on Wednesday.

The signing made complete sense from the outside looking in. T.I. made an appearance during Troy’s performance of “Your Style” at Summer Jam last month, and the two collaborated on the recently released remix – also featuring Diddy and Ma$e. Troy also appeared at the private premiere of the music video for T.I.’s “No Mediocre.”

The Brooklyn native is notoriously indie—selling tens of thousands of mixtapes on the streets of New York, and touting himself as “the first unsigned rapper out of New York to get bootlegged,” according to his website. Despite his impressive talent, sales, and buzz, Troy Ave has never been signed to a major label. The closest he came was a management deal with a company that had distribution with Def Jam, but he was never signed.

He also has his own label, BSB (Brick Star Boyz) Records, and has said that it would take a lot of money for him to sign to a major. But, the masses thought maybe, just maybe, he would consider signing to a label if it’s T.I.’s label. Apparently T.I. thought so too.

“The Breakfast Club” host Angela Yee asked the Hustle Gang founder during last weekend’s BET Awards if there was a potential signing being worked out.

“What’s going on with you and Troy Ave?” Yee asked. “Is that deal in the works?”

“Yup,” T.I. answered.

“It is?”

“It is,” T.I. repeated.

“It’s in the works, you know what I’m saying. We had verbals, the lawyers just got to do their thing. It’s definitely something we’re looking forward to, and shout out to everybody who’s been supporting the [‘Your Style’] remix, by the way, featuring Puff and Ma$e.”

So was the signing rumor started to generate more publicity for the remix? Or was T.I. just making sure that he got the plug in before the one minute interview was over?

Hmm. Either way, the Crown Heights rapper quickly squashed the rumor via his Twitter account.

T.I is the homie 100% but im not signed to Grand Hustle or any Label but B$B Records at this time. SO KEEP THUM OFFERS COMING!” Troy Ave wrote.

He really is going to maximize his earning power if/when he chooses to sign a recording contract. Now that’s a true hustler spirit.