Tommy Lee gets stuck on rollercoaster during final Motley Crue show (Video)
Stuart Thompson/YouTube

Tommy Lee got stuck on his rollercoaster while playing the final Motley Crue show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. On Jan. 4, Vulture posted video of the Motley Crue drummer getting stuck on his famous Cruecify coaster drum kit during the band's New Year's Eve concert. During Lee's final drum solo, the 60-foot drum coaster malfunctioned mid-ride, leaving the rocker suspended upside down above the audience. You can see video of the mishap above.

According to Billboard, earlier in the show, lead singer Vince Neil told the crowd that the Tommy Lee rollercoaster drum kit took two road crews alone to assemble. Once the drummer got stuck, the road crew members scrambled up the structure to free the rock star. Lee reportedly told the crowd: “It looks like the roller coaster is broken! Come on guys, help. Come get me. I can’t believe this is happening on the last night. I knew something wasn’t right when I took off.”

Once the drum kit was set right, Lee climbed out of the contraption and the kit was rolled back to the stage so Lee could finish playing the show. The rollercoaster mishap set the concert back by three minutes, with Motley Crue finally ringing in 2016 with the 1989 song “Dr. Feelgood.”

The Tommy Lee rollercoaster snafu marked the end of the iconic heavy metal band’s touring days. And it’s not surprising something crazy happened, although a malfunctioning coaster stunt was probably not part of the plan. Last year, Crue co-founders Lee and Nikki Sixx talked about their last show on the band’s Final Tour, and they teased that something wild would happen. Sixx said the band would do something “way over the top and stupid” for their final show in their hometown, telling Rolling Stone, “I guess we could burn the place down.”