There’s nothing but good vibes in Jordan JAE’s uplifting ‘Making Me Crazy’
Jordan JAE

With a smile bright enough to compete with the sun and a genuinely irresistible sincerity, rising teen pop star Jordan JAE unveils her latest video. At its core, “Making Me Crazy” may contain a powerful message about the angst of conformity, but in typical JAE fashion, she focuses on the happy and delivers yet another flawless track that adds a life-affirming sparkle to your day.

The video was shot at Coney Island with JAE’s twin brother and two of the artist’s best friends (Rebecca and Jake). It’s a wonderful montage of four close friends just having the best day of their lives! The entire video radiates a refreshingly wholesome vibe that can honestly change your mood.

“Everyone who walked by stopped and stared for a little while but I just kept on performing!” Jordan stated in a recent behind-the-scenes article on Buzznet.

When asked about how she might handle fame, JAE told, “I can’t imagine that feeling when you walk outside and everyone is screaming your name, it must be so exciting... but also a little bit overwhelming. But I pray that will happen to me because overwhelming is great, totally great!” she laughed.

“I think I’m probably one of the only artists who can say I’m still going to a normal school,” Jordan continued, “I go from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. I love school, but sitting in class for 7 hours is definitely kind of a bummer when it’s really sunny outside! But it helps me write songs because those everyday situations give me my inspiration.”

“Making Me Crazy” was co-written by Jordan JAE, Max Wagner, and Ari Zizzo. It was produced by Max Wagner with additional production by Noiseclub, and Brian Malouf did the mixing. Alan McIntyre Smith was the director responsible for capturing the enchanted day. Alan was also at the helm for the artist’s “Said No One Ever” video (over 100,000 views), another production that effortlessly catches JAE’s natural appeal and heartwarming magic.

“When people ask me what I want to do with my music, or why I write music, I like answering that question,” Jordan offered. “The real reason I make music is because I like making someone’s day. If someone has just a few minutes to listen to one of my songs and it ends up making their day, or it makes them just a little bit happy... even if it changes just a second of their day, it matters.”

This young artist’s music won’t just give you a momentary sparkle, it will elevate your mood, make you smile, and leave you feeling great about life for the entire day! For more information on Jordan JAE, visit her website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.