Little Mix
Little Mix

If you haven't heard of Little Mix before this article, apologies because you will be hooked onto their songs in no time! Little Mix was formed on the UK Version of The X Factor and ultimately won the whole competition. Little Mix includes, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall -- this girl group is all about empowerment and not caring what other people think about you...being the best you, you can be. The girls of Little Mix have three albums under their belt, since their formation in 2011, so without furthermore here are their top 10 songs.

10. "I Love You"

Off of their latest album release,Get Weird, this ballad has almost a somber feel with a very strong backbeat. This song showcases all of their voices perfectly, the lyrics also are terribly heartbreaking -- talking about realizing a relationship is over but still loving the person dearly, hence the title.

9. "Change Your Life"

One of their many empowering songs comes from their first album, DNA, this song is about owning who you are and showing the real you inside regardless of what anyone says or thinks. This song shows exactly who Little Mix is my the catchy beat and powerful advice.

8. "Hair"

A great twist on a getting over a breakup song, referencing stages of getting over a breakup to getting your hair done. The references are quite clever in the cheesiest way, "gotta bleach him out, peroxide on him -- hair on the floor, like my memory of him." Usually when someone breaks up, you go into full makeover mode, and this explains that perfectly.

7. "Little Me"

Personally, this is one of their best songs lyrically and relatable. They talk about wishing they could go back in time and know what they know now and embrace themselves and not get pushed around, the ballad fits their voices to a T.

6. "Black Magic"

This was their first single off of their latest release and it was a catchy one, this song talks about the fairytale "love" potion. It's just a great pop song, and to this day one of their best songs.

5. "Love Me or Leave Me"

One of their saddest ballads on their newest album, they talk about the decision of either walking away or staying and fixing the situation. All of the girls voices on this track express such sorrowness and desperation, and if it wasn't for that the song would just be a ballad.

4. "Wings"

This is the first single Little Mix released as winners of X Factor and they sure entered the music scene with a bang. They did what they know best, empowerment. In this song they talk about spreading your 'wings', figuratively of course and that no one can stop you from doing what you do best.

3."Love Me Like You"

This song is such an upbeat pleading- heartbreak song, in the song they talk about wanting a guy who loves them just right and no one else can compare. Just like the video, the song is so high school prom-y. But, like the rest of their songs, their harmonies are great and so dang catchy.

2. "Move"

Just like the name of the track, one cannot listen to this song without MOVING. This song should have been released as a radio single because it could've done wonders -- the song talk about finding someone in a club and just dancing with them. SUCH A JAM.

1. "Secret Love Song (ft. Jason Derulo)"

Last but not least "Secret Love Song" has two parts on their album Salute, and both are perfection the only difference is one version was made a single featuring Jason Derulo and has a back track that is more suitable for airplay and their Part II version is just their voices. A personal favorite, this song talk about wanting to be with someone but not being able to for whatever reason, "Why can't I hold you in the streets, why can't I kiss you on the dancefloor," -- that lyric sums up the song perfectly. Little Mix's versus are proclaiming their love for that person an longing to be with them. Their voices on this track and part II are absolutely flawless.

So, do you think they have the X Factor? The girls of Little Mix have been touring some cities in the UK as a result of their latest release Get Weird. Keep up with all the latest new information on Little Mix here.