The Boy Next Door movie poster
The Boy Next Door movie poster
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The opening dialogue to the new Jennifer Lopez movie, "The Boy Next Door" opening today, January 23, goes something along these lines. "Let me come home, Claire." "Just get out." "Don't tell me dad's not coming home." Then this is a very old story Hollywood has turned out many times over. Two people have a one night stand, one of them takes the night too seriously and becomes completely obsessed with the other to dangerous proportions.

In the case of "The Boy Next Door" the story focuses one a single, recently separated mother (Lopez) who has an elderly next door neighbor who has a nephew (Ryan Guzman) coming to live with him. The nephew, Noah, is a very hot looking guy. The two start friendly as Noah befriends Clair's son, Kevin. The two share a night of passion. Noah believes it's true love while Claire knows what they did was wrong. Unfortunately for Clair, Noah is an obsessive psychopath.

"The Boy Next Door" was written by first time screenwriter, Barbara Curry. No one can blame her for coming up with a story studios often produce, but it does appear the words she puts into her character's mouths are from movies she has previously seen. If you like your dialogue extra cheesy, you're going to like this movie. As the seduction first begins Claire says, "It's wrong!" To which Noah, replies, "It doesn't feel wrong. Let me love you, Claire." It doesn't end there as we get one liners throughout the movie like, "I love you mom's cookies."

The trick to "The Boy Next Door" is that you can't take it too seriously. It's a movie that is sure to appeal to a younger teenager to 20s crowd than a more mature one. You really have to suspend your disbelief and don't for one second try to apply logic to the story or those plot holes are going to appear pretty gaping.

There is no twist to this tried and true story. The only element that does separate it a little from some of the other movies like it is that it often becomes extremely violent. Some people at an advanced screening in West Palm Beach actually had to cover their eyes at some parts. The best thing "The Boy Next Door" has going for it is director Rob Cohen. If you don't know his name he directed the very first "The Fast and the Furious." Here, he works with the script that he's got. He does put in some scares and tension to the movie. In the hands of a lesser director, this movie could have been a total disaster. It is rated R for violence, sexual content/nudity and language.