Taking a cue from Taylor Swift? Blake and Miranda are writing songs

Taylor Swift is famous for writing about her breakups and ex boyfriends, leaving listeners to try to figure out who her songs are all about. That very well could be the case with country music’s famous ex-first couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. They are both busy writing songs since their divorce over a month ago. CMT had a story about Blake Shelton’s songwriting on Wednesday, attempting to “read between the lines.” Will fans get to hear the heartbreak put to music?

Blake Shelton has been tweeting about a new song he has co-written with Jessi Alexander, one of Nashville’s most prolific and talented songwriters. He has been talking about the song with excitement. This is quite a change-up from the previous posts where he mainly was just talking about getting drunk.

Blake Shelton ‏@blakeshelton Aug 21
Wrote a song so important to me I can't believe it.. Thank you Jon Randall and @JessiLAlexander...

Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, is also busy songwriting, according to an article in US Magazine. She posted she was having cheese, crackers and wine while she wrote. She was also collaborating with other songwriters, Nicolle Galyon and Natalie Hemby. Again, it only remains to be seen if her songwriting inspiration is Shelton.

Miranda Lambert ‏@mirandalambert Aug 26
Food for thought! Late night writing session was a success! (I won't show the after pic!😁) Love… https://instagram.com/p/61mznsDPlC/

Radio.com had a story about how Miranda Lambert is passing her time since the high-profile divorce. She got a new platinum hairdo, quipping on Instagram, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder.” She has also been hanging out with her girlfriends and her horse a lot, too.

No details have leaked out yet about the special songs that either of them have had a hand in writing. Of course, fans are assuming that the songs will have something to say about the recent divorce. Of course, even if they don’t, fans who are disappointed and heartbroken about the divorce will assume they do anyway. If the new songs in question are heartbreak songs, it won’t leave much doubt who either of them is singing about, will it?