Recap: Velvet Acid Christ made their New Jersey debut at QXT's

Colorado industrial outfit Velvet Acid Christ have toured all over the United States for decades, but there was one tiny section that the outfit never performed in: the state of New Jersey. On Saturday, the outfit decided to finally pay a visit to the Garden State, and their venue of choice was the popular QXT's nightclub in Newark. The club has hosted several sporadic live concerts in the past (most noticeably, Project Pitchfork and Covenant), but they've recently began having monthly concerts promoting local and national music acts.

Kicking things off around 8 p.m. were NYC/NJ industrial duo Xentrifuge, who have been seen performing with acts such as Hocico, Die Sektor, and Aesthetic Perfection. The act have been building momentum in the industrial scene with their first two studio albums (2007's Light Extinguished and 2009's Converting Infinity), and they're set to release their third album on Advoyxa Records this year. With his towering stature, vocalist Chris X growled through cuts such as "Downcast", "Technicide", and the new single "Machine Winter".

Arizona electro trio Alter Der Ruine have been touring in support of their latest EP titled Gravity Hunts Us All, and they made their return to QXT's. With not much room on stage, vocalist Michael Treveloni shimmied and clawed his way while keyboardist Tamara Jenney and drummer Michael Jenney kept the melodies going strong during their set, which featured the track "Lights", "Will We Tear You Apart?", and "Tiny Wars & Quiet Storms".

At 11 p.m., Velvet Acid Christ opened their set with "Pretty Toy" from their 2003 studio album Hex Angel: Utopia - Dystopia. Throughout their performance, various images such as dancing skeletons and brutal death scenes filled the screen to give each song its own identity. The outfit performed a plethora of fan favorites, including "Caustic Disco", "Fun With Drugs", and "Phucking Phreak", which had frontman Bryan Erickson, who considers himself to be "midlife crisis industrial", proclaim to his bandmates, "This better be the Puff Daddy version of this song."

A few days before the show, Velvet Acid Christ revealed that The Dead Milkmen's Rodney Linderman would join the band for the evening's festivities. "This guy out energies me so much that I'll wanna crawl into a hole," joked Erickson as Linderman hopped on stage to perform "Lust" from Velvet Acid Christ's 2006 studio album Lust For Blood and "Big Time Operator" from The Dead Milkmen's 1987 album Bucky Fellini. Last year, Erickson and Linderman joined forces to record the song for Velvet Acid Christ's remix album Dire Land.

"Big Time Operator" wasn't the only cover performed by Velvet Acid Christ that evening. The band went through :wumpscut:'s "Is It You" and ohGr's "wAteR", but the highlight of the night came with their cover of Alter Der Ruine's "Relax and Ride It", which had the Arizona outift and Rodney Linderman join the stage for a dynamic performance.