Pushing through the pavement: a tour of action by the Polish Ambassador
Video Directed by Carl Grether Camera by Carl Grether and Sarah Scheld Additional Footage by Republic of Light Editing by Andrew J. O'keefe II (andrewjokeefe.com) Titles by Dhiren Dasu Music by TPA, Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif

The Polish Ambassador won't be performing at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco until October 4th, but the campaign he's running on Indie Gogo might just make you mark your calendar early.

His music traverses many genres and pieces of it fit into funk, hip hop, electronic music and grooving trip hop. Besides being a master of his own music, the Polish Ambassador has spread his attention toward the necessity to change how we experience music festivals, or concerts in general. The idea isn't so much to create an experience that flourishes based off an image of sustainability, but to truly change the impact festivals make on their surroundings.

Imagine a festival created that did not bring with it the immensity of waste and environmental pollution that some of the major ones can bring. Imagine a festival created out of biodegradable material and plants a stronger legacy in its wake. With a simple change in the music community's perception of what functions the music industry has a direct link between those who love music and a way to reconnect them to the ideals of a sustainable future can be made.

Community gardens, urban farms, solar ovens. The quicker these things can be incorporated into entertainment, into things that connect all of us, the sooner the Earth can be transformed into a more beautiful place. Never before has the idea of positive environmental impact taken such a strong presence in the future of music performance and the effort taken is applause-worthy.

This is what they hope to achieve. So far their campaign on Indie Gogo has raised 28,000 out of their 35,000 goal, and with five days left to donate all the support they can get is needed to make their dream a reality. With support from volunteers the Polish Ambassador calls on those participating in the tour to, well, participate.