PSY gets drunk with Snoop Dogg in wild 'Hangover' music video

K-Pop phenom PSY returned to the music scene on Sunday (June 8) with his single "Hangover." He steps out for a more hip-hop-leaning affair on the new track with rapper Snoop Dogg.

"Hangover" is PSY's first major release since last year's single "Gentleman." Both tracks followed his worldwide breakthrough, 2012's "Gangnam Style," which hit two billion views on YouTube earlier this month. On "Gangnam" and "Gentleman," PSY employed an electro-pop sound but with his latest single, he takes on a more of a hip-hop edge. After all, PSY is a Korean rapper so he enlists Snoop Dogg for some extra street cred.

"Hangover" is a beast in itself with hip-hop beats and a wild saxophone section. The synths on the track are less "Gangnam Style" and more something heard on a Lil Wayne track. PSY brings to mind Wayne's "A Milli" single when he repeatedly says "hangover" during the chorus. Snoop Dogg effortlessly eases into the K-Pop track with his verses about drinking and waking and baking. "Drink it up and get sick / Bottom ups / Get wasted," PSY raps. The Korean rapper holds his own against Snoop Dogg in his speedily-delivered lines. "Hangover" does not seemed destined for the success of "Gangnam" or even "Gentleman" but it's a daring progression from the two behemoths.

For the "Hangover" music video, PSY uses his usual comic tactics with Snoop Dogg as his sidekick. It opens with PSY puking his guts out in the bathroom. That doesn't stop the Korean superstar, though, as he soon finds himself ready to party again. Snoop and PSY take the town by storm and drink and drink and drink until the beer goggles set in. During a karaoke session with Big Bang's G-Dragon, the rappers pick up two older Korean women who they mistake for younger ladies. 2NE1's CL also makes an appearance in the clip. PSY's colorful sense of humor is still very much alive in the "Hangover" video but only time will if that translates many more YouTube views.

"Hangover" will be released to iTunes on June 9. The new single with Snoop Dogg serves a buzz release until PSY unleashes his true comeback track "Daddy" later this summer. For more information on if PSY tours in the U.S. soon, be sure to his artist page on for any updates.