Kat Solar: "Infinity"
Kat Solar: "Infinity"
Courtesy of Kat Solar, used with permission.

Some performers are entertainers, while others are artists. However, there are also those rare few who fall into the overlapping portions of the Venn diagram and are both. Think notables such as Bowie, Madonna, Freddie Mercury, and Cher. Kat Solar is one of those select few. She starts with a marvelously well-crafted song that captures a moment or depicts an emotion with arresting confidence and precision, tapping into universal experiences that allow her to fully connect with her audience. Then, she takes it a step further, splashing her music with the vibrant colors of fantasy to create a captivating spectacle that has earned her reviews that declare “Solar demonstrates that she has diva DNA!” (Out Magazine).

Her latest hit is a Top 20 Billboard Dance track entitled “Infinity.” Kat’s pristine performance and her countless vocal hooks make the song a choice selection for remixers such as Jump Smokers and Ralphi Rosario. She also recently released a captivatingly intimate acoustic version of the track, proving her music still has impact, even when rendered with just two guitars and vocals.

In the hook to “Infinity,” Kat professes, “You’re all I need from now to infinity.” It is that passionate declaration that made AXS wonder what does Kat Solar’s Valentine’s Day playlist look like? Here’s the answer (Kat broke down her selections into three distinct categories, depending on your mood)...

Dance Anthems for a night of celebrating love:
Cher: “Believe”
Kat Solar: “Infinity”
Bee Gees: “How Deep Is Your Love”
Donna Summer: “I Feel Love”

Romantic Night at home... pouuuur on the romance for the hopeless romantic:
Joni Mitchell: “A Case of You”
Jesse Ware: “Wildest Moments”
Bernadette Peters (although Sam Cooke’s version is great, as well): “Cupid”
Kat Solar: “Infinity (acoustic version)”
Diana Ross or “Natural Woman” Aretha Franklin: “Love Hangover”
Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan, or Adele (they all get the job done): “To Make you Feel My Love”
Christina Perri: “A Thousand Years”

Love Lost if you want to drown in sorrow (for the masochist, which has been me, lol):
Emeli Sande: “Suitcase”
Frou Frou: “Its Good to Be in Love”
Adele: “When We Were Young”
Robyn: “Dancing on My Own” or “Call Your Girlfriend”
Amy Winehouse: “Back to Black”
Deerheart: “Breakdown”
Prince: “Condition of the Heart”

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Kat Solar’s “Infinity”: