New Radiohead tour dates for the postponed European tour due to Scott’s passing

Radiohead, Radiohead is on its way to a city near you. Hurry buy your tickets, they have already sold out in France, Belgium, England, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland. There are available tickets for shows in Germany. However, no additional tour dates available for concerts here in the united States of America, yet.

It has been a few years since this band has seen the light of day or the reflection of light off the face of the moon on the stages of a world tour. It is exciting to see a fantastic band come to life again. It will be equally exciting to see them perform their highly acclaimed hits like "Fake Plastic Trees," "Just" and "Idioteque," and hear their riveting syncopated rhythms live again.

Unequal sense of musicianship is the trade mark of this great band. However, the band also has a strong sense of charitable works of mercy. With the passing of Scott Johnson Bursary, they have implemented, alongside Scott’s parents, a fund to honor him. The fund is sure to do where what they collect will go directly into the purchase or acquisition of musical equipment for young individuals in Rotherham, UK, Scott’s hometown.

They have setup a website where people can go in and donate: the Scott Johnson Bursary for Young Musicians Fund, run by Ken and Sue Johnson.

May Scott Johnson Bursary rest in peace in the Lord's eternal rest.